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Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Breast Slash Look

Okay... I was directed to check out the Lets Japan website by a friend... for my personal enjoyment, as opposed to my oft-time satirical look at the world.

Well... sometimes I can do both... though I think many of you would be surprised to see that what falls under other people's titillation, in this case, doesn't do much for me.

Why? I've been around the block a few times - hell, I've driven the frickin' bus and have probably picked some of you up and kicked some of you out for not having a ticket. Okay... what that means is that while a simple pleasure for many people, I get my kicks elsewhere.

What are we talking about? The photo above... the woman wearing a purse across her chest so that the strap cuts across outlining boob separation or whatever the hell it is.... the Japanese have a word for it.

Of course they do. In fact, there's probably an English word for it... a Swedish word, Danish, German, Hindi and probably even a New Zealand word for it (though odds are it involves the word 'kiwi').

Lets Japan mention it's called the 'breast slash' in English, while the Japanese call it 'pai sura' or 'pai slash' if their English skills are good enough to say 'slash' in its entirety.

Breast slash? Maybe it's because I'm not a boob man... I mean, they certainly catch my eye, and I certainly appreciate them... but I don't care for fake boobs (a woman can fake to many aspects of her physical beauty anyways), and having a nice set of boobs doesn't mean the rest of the woman - physically, sensually, sexually, intellectually (in NO particular order) - is up to snuff. And I do like snuffing.

But that's just me. Please do not let me dissuade you from liking what you like. You are entitled to your own deluded opinion. I'm kidding, of course. You aren't entitled to an opinion at all.

Look at that... I start writing about boobs, and the next thing you know the blood is rushing to my head and I'm not thinking straight.

Anyhow... for those of you for whom the breast slash is awe-some (say that like Jack Black in School of Rock), the Japanese think so also, and have published many collections of oppai sura featuring candid, if that's the right word, photos of women on the street with their boobs slashed by a strap of some kind. Candid, in that the photos look naturally captured - not because that was how they were posed, but rather because the photographers secretly snapped the photos.

Photos like the one above that secretly took from the Lets Japan website - which is a damn fine place to visit for this and other topics - have been made into photo collection ink and paper books, blogs by people who like such stuff (though technically, since I am writing about it, I guess this blog now counts as a source!), and even DVD collections - probably done in the same vein as Girls Gone Wild.

(Writer's Block - my version of the Editor's Note - which is stupid considering this all written in my voice): I used to know a woman with the last name of 'Wilder' - a statuesque 5'-10" (1.78m), blonde bombshell and former feature exotic dancer that I had no business dating - but who knows what the gods are thinking - perhaps she saw something inside me along with something inside her. She offered to flash her boobs at a hockey game I took her to, if the Toronto Maple Leafs scored 5 goals. The whole area of male fans heard that and were praying the Leafs - already up 4-0 after the first of three periods, could please add one more. I had already seen her spectacular boobs many a time, so I knew why the fans were hopeful. The Leafs let everyone down. In Toronto, by the way, a woman may, indeed, legally go topless in public.)

No longer the breast kept secret in the pervy world of gratification of men via women, the breast slash books are selling like hotcakes, even though hotcakes might be fluffy, they would never make it into the opai sura collections.

(Another Writer's Block: The 'O' in opai is a Japanese honorific... which is someone's attempt to make the breast slash-look something more honorable than it is meant to be. Look... the fact that a woman most assuredly did not come up with the term - because none was needed - it means that the honorable 'O' is a male attempt to legitimize and soften the male act of enjoying the breast slash.)

I have to be honest... even here at work... even though I am friends or friendly with many beautiful women... if they are leaning forward and showing openings that reveal more undergarment or boobage than I know they meant - I will quietly tell them.

I'm no prude, and I know there are many guys here who hate me for spoiling their fun... but... so be it. I'd rather see parts and garments the old fashioned way... because someone wants me to see them, and knows I will enjoy the view.

A Japanese photo collection book of pai sura entitled Opai Women was sold out in a mere three months - says Lets Japan. But... sold out is arbitrary isn't it? I could print 10 books and have my wife, girlfriend and mistress by three each, and then sell one to a work wife - and presto! Sold out. How many copies were made? Do we know what sort of audience likes this book? How much did the book cost? How many pages? How many photos?

I mean... aren't you curious... no... you are are all still looking at the photos, aren't you?

Anyhow... maybe you can still order a copy from Amazon Japan? It's Y1890 (), though a Kindle version goes for Y1200 ()... and from what I can tell, the photos all look staged - meaning these are professional Japanese models... faceless... but showing off incredible shoulder strap boobage while doing normal everyday things, like playing an electric guitar like an erect penis as though she were in Metallica.
She plays Boobie-woogie.
Cover to Opai Women
The separation from the strap is not quite as pronounced here. But that is a nice photo.
A strapping young Japanese woman.
And there you have a new term to add to your lexicon (that's a dictionary): Pai sura or breast slash. I'm always glad to help. Now... I have to get back to doing whatever it is I should be doing. Stupid blood-flow.

Andrew Joseph

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