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Thursday, September 19, 2013

This Time For Sure, Abe Says About Nuclear Reactors

Whether or not Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (surname first) changed his voice to sound like Bullwinkle J. Moose or not, this time he is positive that the disaster that is the Dai-ichi nuclear power facility, is not merely 'under control', but is 'contained'.

Last week after flying to Buenos Aires, Argentina to convince the International Olympic Organization that Tokyo should get the 2020 Summer Olympic Games because there was no health issues from Fukushima… Abe actually flew to the site of the troubled reactor and toured the plant for a three-hour period.

Aftre talking first hand to people and seeing and now believing what he saw, Abe confirms that the whole leaking of radioactive water thing is contained.

It's all semantics. But this time, it's a positive one.

Previously, Abe had said that the leaking water containing radioactive elements was 'under control'… a phrase which can man so many things, but the global media took to mean that "it's still leaking, but we are on the way to stopping it"… whereas now saying that it is 'contained'… well… a container holds things… that means the radioactive water is no longer leaking.

I suppose Abe's choice of words was 'regrettable'.

In the tour, Abe was shown some of the 1,000 radioactive water containment tanks (just the good ones, I assume), as well as the equipment TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power COmpany, the private owners of the electrical power generation facility).

Abe was also shown a chemical dam being installed along the coast… hmm… this was one of the things that was created to help CONTAIN (not stop) the radioactive water leak. (It means that water could still leak out of the containment tanks… but the wall would stop it from seeping out into areas it should not go to… like the ocean…

Along the way, Abe practically begged TEPCO to make sure it has enough funding to be able to afford the much needed safety work. "In other words… if it's a question of money, don't cheap out. Just ask the Japanese Government, and they will print some more money for you."

Okay… he didn't say that stuff in the quotes… but, and I will give Abe credit here, he did urge TEPCO to make sure it had what it needed to not only do the job, but to do it well.

"First of all, I thank everybody who are doing their best, working under harsh conditions, to resolve this difficult problem of contaminated water leaks," says Abe. "The future of Japan is on your shoulders. The government will step forward and take concrete measures, so I am counting on you."

It is unclear if Abe just promised TEPCO that Japan would pay for all of the concrete needed to  properly seal off the nuclear reactors.

But, he did tell TEPCO that they might as well make it complete, and should begin plans to decommission the last two reactors at Dai-ichi… to make it all six shut down.  

Andrew Joseph    

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