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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Breaking Bad

You might be wondering just how the hell I can mention the hit AMC television program Breaking Bad in a blog about Japan?

I can do whatever I want, of course - it's my blog - but don't worry... there's a Japanese connection.

Breaking Bad, appearing on American TV's AMC network, was, for the past five years, the best program ever. I only started watching it 3 months ago, but I caught up in time for the last eight episodes - finally concluding a week ago. (I watched every episode before that in about 2-1/2 weeks.)

The show, if you are unaware, chronicles an American high school chemistry teacher who, after being diagnosed with cancer, concocts a plan to produce Crystal Meth as a ways to make a lot of money to leave to his wife and kid(s). Of course... when you make drugs - and do it well - every scumbag in the business wants either to eliminate the competition; work with you or arrest you.

There... 'nuff said. If you haven't seen it, you haven't been entertained.

Anyhow... presented for your toe-tapping approval comes an art project by French graphic designer Martin Woutisseth who created his version of the opening credits for Breaking Bad.

Confused? America? France? Breaking Bad?

The art done by Woutisseth is stylistically something he says he picked up while in Japan. He had spent a year in Osaka working for a Japanese graphic design company. The art is a Japanese style. I also saw something similar to this used in the Japanese created anime shorts of the American television show Supernatural. See HERE.

Here... watch the illustrated Breaking Bad opening credits as illustrated by Woutisseth!

Like that music? Me, too! That's the song 'Mexico' by Gringo - you get that from Vimeo:

The software used to create it is: Photoshop, After effects, and Premiere.

And... should wish to see more of Woutisseth's work, visit or hook up with him on Twitter: @mwoutisseth.

Remember - you can also hook up with me on Twitter: @asj47 

That's all... go about your business... and watch the entire five seasons of Breaking Bad. You'll be glad you actually listened to me. For once.

Andrew Joseph

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