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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Japanese Doodle Art Way Better Than Studying English

The folks at Tokyo Desu have done it again, presenting a fun little montage of artwork from a female Japanese High School student who is obviously wasting her time in English class - in a good way.

The article describes an un-named kid who goes by the Twitter handle of @__ayatakaoisii (maybe her name is Takaoisii Aya - surname first) who has physically altered her English text books to make the mundane images into something a bit more entertaining.

All I can say is… it sure beats the scars, mustaches and penis and scrotum drawings I would add to various text books in high school.

Aya—if that is her real name—should probably be studying English rather than wasting time drawing her text books, but at the same time, it is obvious that her artistic talent and comedic sense of humor outstrips the need to ask "Do you like ski?"

Check out the Tokyo Desu article put together by Cal Widdall HERE.

Andrew Joseph

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