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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Real Life Santa Fears No Radiation

It's not often I am proud as punch to present someone else work and not be envious… but that's  because topic-wise… I think the author has an in with Santa Claus… and he knows when you've been bad or good.

The link I am going to send you to is to a New York Times blog called LENS: Photography, video and visual journalism.

At this particular entry, writer Matt McCann writes about photographer Touko Hujanen of Finland, who met and followed around a gentleman names Timo Alarik Pakkanen, a professional Santa Claus from Helsinki.

Apparently Santa… he's a real nice guy, and has been living the dream job for over 50 years.

And not because he had to prove it, but because it was part of the job, Santa made sure he went to visit Japan children displaced from their home, towns and prefecture (province/state) by the radiation leaks from the heavily damaged Fukushima's Dai-ichi nuclear reactors.

Apparently the Japanese children were afraid that Santa would be too afraid to come to see them because of the radiation. Yikes. I never thought of that.

Apparently radiation isn't the only damage being felt here.

I assume TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power COmpany) is not paying for Santa's airfare? Come on! Through him a carrot or something! Of course... I have no idea WHO is paying Santa's flight costs. 

Yeah… well… professional Santa or not, this guy is magic.

Read the full story HERE.

By the way... is Santa Claus really a big deal to Japanese kids? Twenty years ago it was a small Western concept that hadn't caught on. I couldn't even find a Christmas tree. And I certainly didn't say Merry Christmas to anyone except Christian foreigners and Japanese.

Anyone have any data on the Santa Claus affect?

Andrew Joseph

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