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Friday, October 11, 2013

Rife With Noboko - Funny Girl

After yesterday's exciting real live date with Noboko out in public—and where we were caught holding hands by some of our students in a city some 30 minutes south of my own—I wasn't sure if Noboko and I would ever again see daylight as a couple.

But… after I luckily questioned how the students could be in Utsunomiya so soon after school had finished on Saturday afternoon when Noboko and I had sped down in a car, the students confessed that they had skipped school.

We bargained for each other's silence.

We wouldn't tell that they had skipped class, and they wouldn't tell that Noboko and I were holding hands and skipping down the main promenade with class.

Did we believe eight 14-year-old junior high school students who had just seen their hot JTE (Japanese teacher of English) holding hands in another city with their favorite JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching Programme) gaijin (foreigner)?

Of course not. We knew it would only be a matter of time before the jig was up.

How could teenagers not gossip—even if they made a promise?

A Japanese woman and a foreigner?!

Dating because these kids helped make it happen—how could they NOT tell the rest of their classmates?

Japanese honor? Come on... Noboko and I were going to be outed... and while that made me smile inward, I was worried that it would adversely affect Noboko's mood.

Oh well.

We saw our movie, had some boyfriend-girlfriend fun and then she drove back through traffic to my apartment in Ohtawara-shi, Tochigi-ken.

We eventually made it back to my place, tired but horny… and yet… imagine my surprise when Noboko used my phone and called home to inform her parents that she was staying at a girlfriend's place for the night and would see them later on Sunday.

She just took lying to her parents to a whole new level.

And... if her mood had changed because we were about to be found out, I'm glad, because we now had the chance to not just have sex for three hours, but we were now afforded the opportunity to have it all night long and in the morning, to, as long as I had a carton of chocolate ice cream in the freezer!

I had better bring my A-game... maybe I should masturbate first?

Anyhow... kidding aside... we had some food Noboko had picked up while I tried to shower off some popcorn butter (see HERE) (Actually, you can just read about it… there's nothing to see there)… and fully exhausted with the highs and lows of our day together, Noboko fell asleep in my arms.

No sex?

Strangely enough, that prospect did not bother me at all.

Sure... I was as horny as all-get-out, but you know how sometimes just being with someone you trust is just as good as sex... actually I had no idea if that was true or not... but I lay there on the couch with this absolutely beautiful woman lying atop me with her tiny fingers touching my crispy gelled hair… and I thought to myself, Andrew… in three short years, how does a guy go from a zero hero with women to having the most beautiful woman in the planet trust you so much that she can fall asleep on you?

And while I also thought that I might even be the luckiest man on the planet, I suddenly had the urge to get away. Now.

Forget that fight or flight bull-crap. I've never run away from anything. Even when I should have.

No... I needed to run away fro Noboko not because I was afraid of commitment. Ask anyone… I should be committed.

No, rather I had to pee, and the little sleeping … darling—Noboko—had an elbow poking down into my bladder.

I mean come on. I had this perfect moment for maybe 47 seconds… and now I have to break it because she's pushing on my bladder?!

Fortunately Noboko is only 100 lbs. And while I wasn't as physically strong back in 1993 as I am in 2013, my urine-focused brain could have moved mountains and easily lifted her up and out of the way.

But I decided to try and roll out from under her. Because I thought it would be more fun.

While I had a lot more body part rubbing (clothed) this way, it tended to put more pressure on my bladder… and Noboko from time to time kept shifting her body into more and more uncomfortable spots.

The warmth of her body, and the smell of apple blossoms in her hair made me rise to attention (down there!) - even though I really had to pee - as her body was now between my legs (one leg free!).

(Think unsexy thoughts. Think unsexy thoughts).

As I dragged that one free leg away from the couch and tried to lie my upper body on the floor to pull my stuck right leg out from under her, Noboko grabbed my penis through my jeans and gave it a squeeze.

Then she giggled. Rather than say she giggled like a little girl (because it sounds wrong in this context), I'll just say she giggled like a 26-year-old woman who had just played a nice trick on her soon-to-piss-himself boyfriend.

And… as she kissed me and moved off me allowing me to get up, she said: "Washroom?"

"Yes," I asked. "How did you know?"

"I was pressing on your bladder on purpose!" And then she giggled uproariously.

I ran to the washroom, flipped up the lid, whipped it out and realized that there was no way I could pee with a boner.

Noboko covered her mouth with her hand and giggled as hard as I was. She was standing right at the washroom's entrance.

Beautiful, intelligent, sexy, English speaking, slutty (only for me), and funny.

Despite having to sit down and wedge my wiener under the seat while I leaned forward so that I could pee in painful ecstasy, I turned to Noboko and said, " I love you, Noboko."

And she said: "I know."

But didn't say she loved me back.

I managed to keep my outward smile, but inside… owtch.

Andrew Joseph


  1. Good on you! Falling is Love is always Fun.

    1. Yes... so far... so good. Thanks for reading!

  2. Hi there!

    Huge fan of your blog. Really jumping the gun on this question, but you stated you had sexual relations with 30 women over 3 years with a year of loyalty to Nobuko and another 6 month relationship. So were you having sex approximately 4 times a week with a different girl each time? If so wow you much respect. Just curious. Thanks!

    1. Actually - it was about one year with Ashley - but we would break-up and get back together maybe 6 times over that first year. The second year she and would hook up, but we weren't a couple - it was just a comfort thing. Noboko - yes, six months... the rest of them - one girlfriend for a few months, a pair in Thailand - and yeah... pretty much one-night stands.
      I don't understand it. I wasn't any great looker... could barely speak the language... and yet, I could go and hang-out at a bar by myself (usually) drinking quietly... and I would be approached.
      It is why I (and I suppose others) have called Japan - Disneyland for adults.
      No need for the respect, though - not for that stuff.
      I sometimes wonder if it all happened because I was like some exotic fruit that everyone wanted to sample - word got around from a satisfied date - and everyone wanted to go on the ride.
      I just sat at the bar. They came up to me.
      For me - and I know no one believes me - I know I am a shy person. I have always felt, however, that after that initial 'hello' that I could literally charm or talk the pants off anyone.
      It's not 100% guaranteed, but it seems as though I did and do possess the Blarney's Stone's gift of gab.
      I didn't just kiss that hunk of rock, I French-kissed it deeply.
      I do appreciate you reading, however.
      But no... I didn't actually kiss the Blarney stone... unfortunately, I've never been to Ireland.
      And - as you can guess - I don't think you jumped the gun with the question.