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Friday, November 15, 2013

Ambassador Kennedy Arrives In Japan

The intelligent, beautiful and beautiful Caroline Kennedy arrived in Tokyo, Japan earlier today (Friday, November 15, 2013) to take up her role as U.S. ambassador to Japan.

Showing her inexperience in her new role, Ambassador Kennedy flashed four fingers at the Japanese media throng rather than the typical Japanese two finger salute.

The Japanese salute is, of course, either the 'peace' symbol or the 'Vee' symbol used to denote the victory over the stinking Japs,… er, I mean the Japanese at the conclusion of World War II.

Oh well, Japan. Let's hope you guys do better in the next world war.

Anyhow, my bud Matthew who sent me the above photo courtesy of a tweet from the United States Department of State, he jokes that the right-honorable babe (my words) Ambassador Kennedy flashed a double Vee… perhaps because her other hand was holding a flower garden.

Personally, I like to jokingly think that—actually, you don't want to know what sort of sweaty things I am thinking about Caroline—yes, she is flashing a double 'eve' as Matthew jokingly postulates, but for me it's because she's caught between two cultures: American and Japanese.

Yup. She's flashing the cutie-pie Japanese 'Vee'' whenever a camera is present, and a second 'Vee'' because of a subconscious PT-109 memory about WW2.

Ahhh! Just kidding.

Caroline Kennedy. Ganbate kudasai! Good luck in your role as ambassador. It's a tricky time (but when isn't it?), but I have faith in you. Besides… you at least have the ear of the president.

"I bring greetings from President Obama," she told the crowd after deplaning with her husband (lucky bastard) Edwin Schlossberg at Tokyo's Narita airport.

And because sometimes we all need a laugh, you can check out my article on Ms. Kennedy being named to the position of Ambassador HERE. It's funny - especially the conversation U.S. president Obama has.    

By the way… the SEARCH function of this blog SUCKS! I searched for "Caroline Kennedy" and it came up with crap. I only found it by going into my administrative area - under ALL Posts and searching the labels… of course… I had it correctly labeled with Caroline Kennedy… so why couldn't the search engine find it?

Because it sucks. Blogger is also recently undergoing some brain farts with regards to its view counting. I see that the daily blog has (for example) 1029 hits… I click the fresh button, and suddenly I have 1025 hits. Now, unless I own a Delorean with a flux capacitor (I can't find a Delorean that actually runs!), I haven't gone back in time.

Hit the refresh again, and maybe it goes up, sometimes it goes farther back. It sucks because I just want a proper count of the views on my blog page. It makes me think it's not just indifference as to why my blog can reach over 2800 view at this juncture of October, but by at 1500 today… Yeah, yeah, I thought that maybe I sucked… but another blog I have suddenly dropped from 3,000 a day to 300.

Whatever… Ambassador Kennedy… just two fingers to make the 'Vee' - and for Buddha's sake, please make sure the palm is placed outward! You Brits know what I mean.

Barack and I still thinking she's smoking',
Andrew Joseph

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