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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Feeling Hot About The Cold

So... I turned 49 a few days ago... got a cold the next day - a nice dry cough with some clear goop choking out, which is always pleasant - at least no one wanted to talk to me at work...

... the household furnace has a crack in it so it's been shut down on the coldest day of the autumn in case we get a carbon monoxide leak into the house...

... one of the two heaters we have decides that today is the day to give up the ghost...

... and a strut on my car says it's as bent as my life as a 49-year-old is so far, meaning I have to pull the steering wheel to the left a bit to make the car go straight...

... and I wonder what fresh hell awaits me on this Wednesday, the first day I have taken off as a holiday this year.

What luck - I get to wait for the furnace guys to show up and fix the crack. For $1000 bucks... I'd almost rather take certain death from fumes than have to shell out money I don't have.

Oh well... with the crack fixed, perhaps the family will get smarter... or at the very least stop getting dumber.

On the plus side... this computer upon which I create these Wonderful Rife cartoons of my life et al - after an eight-month silent treatment in which the sound did not work at all, it has suddenly come back to life. Gee... good thing I wasn't watching porn or anything like that when that happened.

Well, Skipper... from here on it looks like smooooooooth sailing.

Twelve hours after I post this dog's breakfast of a blog, I'll be posting up some interesting facts on just who TEPCO is. You may know them as those dumbass bastards who helped cause or exacerbate the nuclear mess in Fukushima-ken, which may also have increased the speed and incline of Japan's recession slide as no one wants to trade for goods where everything is glowing. Bullcrap of course... but countries did become wary of Japanese goods for quite a while.

Anyhow... the next blog will NOT talk about the nuclear mess, but will give you some information on the company anyway. Let's just say what I learned surprised me... and not in a 49-year-old way.

I wonder when all of my good luck went to crap. Oh yeah.... I think I know... Hmmf. On the plus side, it can't keep being crappy forever... or is that the carbon monoxide talking? It would explain some of the typos in these blogs... 

Somewhere waiting for the sucking to stop sucking so much,
Andrew Joseph 

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