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Friday, November 1, 2013

Japanese Artist Makes Art With Coffee Foam

If regular coffee bores you and you are looking for something more with your caffeine boost in the morning, you should probably look no further than Matsuno Kohei (surname first)'s who has taken the exciting world of the morning coffee and made it even more (yawn) exciting with his spectacular and innovative coffee fart art.

Sorry… I'm just not myself until I have completed those three or four coffees and bottle of Coca-Cola.

Kohei… pronounced ko-hey… that's remarkable close to the Japanese katakana word 'kohi' (pronounced ko-hee), which is how they say 'coffee.'

If you can follow that, you are probably saying 'holy fug, Andrew… slow down."

To which I say, I already am slowed down… but you think I'm rambling because you are a coffee behind… except for my Fbuddy (Facebook), who has been up hours before any of us for reasons I can only picture in my mind's lens. I can't focus. I need more coffee!

Anyhow… Too Much Coffeeman… Matsuno… he says he only began drawing or sculpting images in his foamy latte coffee four years ago in Tokyo… but it wasn't until two years ago that he took it to a new level and created what he calls a more 3D art style.

(Editor being a pain in the grumpy ass: Even if Matsuno was only sculpting a so-called 2D image in his coffee that was 1/100 of a mm high, it has height to go along with its width and length - ergo, and I use that word incorrectly, he is always working in 3D - but we all know what he means!)

Barista's at every over-priced coffee shop around the world have been have been creating images on the top of foamy coffees for decades. Let's call that 2D art… what Matsuno does… that's 3D.

Check out that sculpt above - the very first one! I blew air out of my lips when I first saw him build this, and accidentally caused it to collapse. What you see here is his second attempt at that foamy sculpt.

Anyhow... here's a couple of other foamy creations. You know what they say? Better latte than never.  I have no idea who says that.

Damn photos are making me thirsty.

As you might expect… for all you foamy drinkers or bubble bath aficionados… if you are sculpting within that medium, there's a large chance the small amount of time you have will not allow you to create the sculpture you want.

And that's what Mr. Kohei, I mean Mr. Matsuno found out… if you are going to do it, you better be done in five minutes or less and then have someone take photo of it before the foamy bubbles lose their cohesiveness…

He says: "The foam keeps breaking down, so you become unable to draw fine details. In other words, you can't make 3D art that defies gravity."

I think he means you can only sculpt so much or build the foam so high before it all goes into the grinder and all you have left is delicious luke-warm coffee.

Oh… and hey, get this… Matsuno says he hopes to have his work recognized more widely, and wants a worldwide community of 3D latte makers to develop.

Really? Someone hopes they become famous? Who does this guy think he is? Wow… not only was there no need to have said that, there was no reason for a newspaper as cool as The Telegraph to have bothered printing.

Adds Matsuno: "There are world championships where they draw hearts or leaves now, but if they had a 3D version then I'd love to take part and actually win. So I hope someone actually does that."

Dude… your art is awesome… and I hope you become rich and famous and someone provides you with free lattes for the rest of your life… but Matsuno… Matsuno buddy…. just because there are world championships that reward such abnormal behavior as the drawing of hearts or leaves does NOT make those kind of things acceptable.

Draw hearts? Draw leaves? Championships?

Hmm… I just checked… it's hard to find anything on the Internet using the keywords "heart drawing championships", as all I get are soccer (Hearts) and curling (tournament of Hearts), and soccer draws.

When I Google draw Laves, it automatically corrects the spelling to the misspelled 'Leafs", my ice hockey team of choice. So no... I have no idea just what Matsuno is talking about regarding those championships... which is just as well... do I really want to write about that?

Andrew Joseph  
Okay... yes I do want to write about the heart and leaves drawing championships. Help a brother out with some spare change for a cup of Joe?

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