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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Miss Universe 2013

I know this is late in being reported here, but to be honest… I just didn't feel it for this year's Miss Universe pageant…

Sure… I like Japan's entry, the 5'-8", 26-year-old comic book (manga) geek and artist Matsuo Yukimi (surname first) … I love the way her nose crinkles when she smiles… but for whatever reason… being sick, perhaps, I didn't watch or care all that much.
After winning her Miss Universe 2013 Japan title, Matsuo Yukimi shows us how to to do the 'Vee' for Victory sign and make it look sexy.

What? Gorgeous women parading about my enormous television screen, and I didn't care because I was sick? It's true, no guy is that sick… I just wasn't feeling it…

That shouldn't and of course did not distract from the 62nd Miss Universe pageant held on November 9, 2013 in Moscow, Russia.
Miss Universe Japan 2013

The 2013 Miss Universe winner is babe-and-a-half Maria Gabriela Isler of Venezuela - and deservedly so. That's her in the photo above from the website.

There were 86 entrants intros contest, and basically you gave to agree that 'wow'… these are all beautiful people.

Still… someone's gotta win, and everyone else has to lose.

Let's look at the award winners - noting that Japan did come in 5th place for best national costume, which is kind of like a sister-kisser.

Miss Universe 2013, Maria Gabriela Isler of Venezuela,

1st Runner-up: Patricia Rodríguez of Spain;

2nd Runner-up: Constanza Báez of Ecuador;

3rd Runner-up: Ariella Arida of the Philippines:

4th Runner-up: Jakelyne Oliveria of Brazil.

Top 10:
•    Yaritza Reyes - Dominican Republic
•    Amy Willerton - Great Britain
•    Manasi Moghe - India
•    Olga Storozhenko - Ukraine
•    Erin Brady - USA

Top 16: •    Jin Ye - China
•    Fabiana Granados - Costa Rica
•    Whulandary Herman - Indonesia
•    Nastassja Bolívar - Nicaragua
•    Monic Pérez - Puerto Rico
•    Dominique Rinderknecht - Switzerland

Special Awards: Miss Congeniality: Jin Ye of China;
Miss Photogenic: Paulina Krupińska of Poland;

Best National Costume1st: Nicaragua - Nastassja Bolivar
2nd: Trinidad & Tobago – Catherine Miller
3rd: Russia – Elmira Abdrazakova
4th: Indonesia  – Whulandary Herman
5th: Japan – Yukimi Matsuo

You'll notice that for all instances but Best National Costume, I listed the person before the country.

While I agree that the contestant does need to be able to pull of the national costume, the award for best costume is something that probably means more to the designer than to the contestant… unless there's more than cache that comes with coming in first.

Still… click HERE to see Miss Japan's wonderful national costume… and to see all of the other Japanese costumes at the event from 2002 - 2013.

Something to keep your mind warm during the winter months - Miss Universe Japan 2013.
Anyhow... here's a few lines from her bio on the Miss Universe website:

Yukimi Matsuo is a skilled cartoonist who models and dances. She dreams of teaching people all over the world how to draw cartoons and finds drawing to be a wonderful way to express herself. She admits that she was bullied as an adolescent. However, she hopes to inspire other women to embrace their beauty and independence.

 In her own words:

Quate As a society, I think we need to ensure safe drinking water for all. There are 18 million children who die from illness due to unsanitary water in the world every year. Quate

  1. Yukimi is skilled in weight training, yoga, Chinese shadow boxing, belly dance and swimming! 
  2. Yukimi eats miso soup everyday, her favorite native dish.
  3. Yukimi’s proudest accomplishment is depicting the image character for the Milano Manga Festival.

Anyhow... everyone be good and don't run for mayor of Toronto,
Andrew Joseph
PS: All photos are from the website, excluding the one where she's wearing the Orange dress after being crowned Miss Universe Japan 2013 (2nd from the top).

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