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Monday, November 25, 2013

Wild And Wonderful Japanese TV Commercials

With today being one of those days I recall talking to someone special for the very first time - and immediately achieving a spark thanks to an Alice In Wonderland quote or two each of us made, let's celebrate the the time Andrew felt like a television star with some amazing commercials from the land of the rising sun.

... courtesy of YouTube and Japanese advertising.

The boobs alone on the freeze frame above are an appropriate enough topic on their own... but it's highlighting a video game called TalesWeaver. I'm not sure what the blonde with the boobs has to do with it, but I know I want it. Not the game, silly-billy.

Check out the Kabuki-style bug killer... or, for those of you who might think that the name of my blog is a racists pile of pap, just see how the Japanese sell the Jelly Bean phones.

Something more serious this way comes in the next blog, he says ominously, as I look a little deeper into my own self and try to figure out just why or how I might have made a difference to a few people in Japan. Yes... more blog diary stories... but with a twist.

Andrew Joseph

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