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Saturday, December 14, 2013

2014 This Is Fukushima Calendar

I don't even know where to start, except to publicly say thank-you to my friend and reader Vinnie, who went out of his way ... well... to do a lot of things, actually... but has recently sent me a calendar as a gift.

It's a 2014 "This Is Fukushima" calendar with some excellent photography marking the months, done by local gaijin (foreigners) - I think... but certainly people who visited Fukushima-ken recently.

There are many excellent photos of festivals and things of that sort showing the excitement of the hard-hit province that took it up the ass back in March of 2011 and beyond... but there are also photos of some people who have gone above and beyond the mere donating of money or whining like I do about why not enough is being done to help the folks there - many of whom are still displaced from their homes nearly three years later.

In fact, along with a few pictures of these people in the calendar - you'll see them all below, complete with description - the back of the calendar thanks all the people who have gone above and beyond the usual and have donated time and effort to the people of Fukushima.

My pal Vinnie... he's spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars - and I know he's not a rich man - purchasing brand new books in English - multiples of copies he first studies for appropriateness - and then pays for shipping, sending them off to schools and libraries.

That, folks... is a good man.

And the same, actually goes to all of you who donate time, effort, money, clothing, whatever to any charity. Good people.

I'll shut up now and let you see the photographs of the 2014 This Is Fukushima Calendar. If any of the original photographers see this and wonder why a photo may look different from their own by a smidge... I may have either adjusted color to make up for my crappy scanner, or because I couldn't hold the calendar perfectly straight in the scanner, I cropped a bit, so as to not make it look like you were a bad photographer - because you aren't.

You should try and get a copy of this calendar... contact via e-mail at

Front Cover at the very top by: Milli Nath-Chowdhury of Ouchi-juku, Minami Aizu.


Photo by Janine Al-Aseer.
The annual Hadaka Matsuri (Naked Festival) at the Enzo-ji Buddhist temple in Yanaizu-machi.


Photo by: Julian Perez
A jizo statue praying while snow falls.


Photo by: Daryl Wharton-Rigby
The Yamakiya Taiko Group performs at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.


Photo by: Paul Sprigg
Fire performers during Hanami (sakura blossom viewing) celebrations in Kaiseizen Park, Koriyama-shi.


Photo by:
Susan Roberts, co-founder of the Japan Cat Network, has helped rescue over 600 animals from the evacuation zone since March 2011.


Photo by: Joshua Tweedy
The English course students on the handball team of Koriyama High School bought wrist bands together to show 'kizuna' (a bond).


Photo by: Mitch Masden
An evening view of Lake Inawashiro from Konan machi looking west as the sun sets. Lake Inawashiro is crowded during summer months.


Photo by: Chloë Wooding
Nunobiki Plateau Wind Farm will be the largest wind generating station in Japan when the 33rd turbine is installed. In the distance Inawashiro can be seen.


Photo by: Joshua Tweedy
The Aizu Wakamatsu Aki Matsuri Samurai Parade at Tsuruga Castle.


Photo by: Paul Sprigg
The Nihonmatsu Chouchin Matsuri (Paper Lantern festival) in Nihonmatsu-shi.


Photo by: Sukagawa City Hall Women's Torch Carrying Team, Sukagawa-shi Akashi Taimatsu (One of the top 3 fire festivals in all of Japan)


Photo by: Michael Connolly
The Save Minamisoma Project focuses on delivering foods and safe drinking water to residents of temporary housing in Minamismoa. This photo was taken during a special Winter delivery where a team of volunteers dressed as Santas made sure to give special gift bags to each unit with children.

Back Cover showing the folks who helped the folks of Fukushima out.

They are all to be congratulated.

Anyhow... I hope the folks of This Is Fukushima will forgive for using these images - they belong to you and to the respective photographers... but I really wanted the rest of you to see the calendar... and maybe contact the people via e-mail at , and see if you can purchase a copy or two and give them out as gifts.

Andrew Joseph

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