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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Reason To Watch Japanese Curling

Despite calling myself a Canadian, I'm not the biggest curling fan. I will watch it - I know the rules and have even played it a few times, but it's not the sport that's in my top five of things to watch... hockey, boxing in the old days, watching Middleweights and Heavyweights), baseball, basketball, and god help me, NASCAR.

I'm a Tony Stewart fan in NASCAR... I used to be a huge AJ Foyt (the Mad Texan!) fan in Indy racing, but with him long retired, I haven't followed anyone else. I really enjoy the speed. Probably because I used to like to drive too fast, myself. In fact, aside from baseball, all my sports have some decent speed to them.

Yes... I am aware that a fastball can travel 100 miles per hour, but no one else really is. For me, it's the cerebral; aspect of baseball that I enjoy... and the mind does think at just under the speed of sound.

Thank goodness it does! Can you imagine that if every time we had an idea it would cause a sonic boom? My head hurts just thinking about it.

Now... why do I have a photo of a really beautiful woman up above? Well... I think I've found a reason to slow down and watch curling.

That is Japan's Ichikawa Miyo (市川美余) and she is a member of Japan's curling team.

I don't know much about here except that I really want to hear her scream out : "Hurry hard!"

And... judging by her attire directly above, she loves to cook and clean... what with the oven mitt and broom. I'm kidding. But holy cow, she makes me horny homesick for Japan.

Somewhere, my head hurts,
Andrew Joseph

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