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Monday, December 9, 2013

Chicago Bar's Dumb Pearl Harbor Promo

Here's a short story from the Chicago Tribune I spotted today, about a bit of insensitivity regarding Pearl harbor's 72 anniversary... yeesh. 

By Paul Sullivan, Tribune reporter

A Wrigleyville bar involved in the dispute with the Cubs over Wrigley Field renovations apologized Saturday for an offensive sign on its marquee making light of the Pearl Harbor tragedy.
Murphy's Bleachers tried to lure customers into the bar Saturday with a marquee that read: "Remember Pearl Harbor With Bombs and Kamikazes."
The reference was to bar drinks. Saturday was the anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day.
The offensive sign was removed after owner Beth Murphy, a spokesperson for the Rooftop Owners Association, was made aware of outrage on Twitter, shortly after a photo of the sign was sent out on a Tribune reporter's Twitter account. Murphy said the employee responsible for the sign faced disciplinary action, which could include dismissal.
"Some guys thought it would be clever," Murphy told the Tribune. "Obviously we are ashamed. I'm so upset. We put up (a sign with) our sincerest apologies. My father was a veteran, and my uncles. This was just not us. Personally this is devastating to me. I apologize to everyone who was offended."
The bar apologized on its Twitter account and Facebook page.

Wow... I know I've said some dumb things in my life, but nothing like that sign!

Andrew Joseph

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