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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy Birthday Hudson!

Today is my son Hudson's 8th birthday... so to him - Happy birthday, boy... done in my best Homer Simpson voice - which is still pretty bad after 25 years.

Hopefully one day he'll read this blog and think his old man wasn't so bad.

He read to me today - a fairly complex book that was either at his age level or above it. It's not so amazing except for the fact that three summers ago he didn't even know his ABCs. He always loved books - he just didn't seem to have the patience to learn how to read. Yes... I know what he has...

And... if you don't think that is troubling, well... it was for me. I was in Grade 1 when I was four and was reading at a Grade 4 level then. And... being a writer with a son who can't read... it ate me up every single day for years.

... and years while I began writing this blog. There might even be a correlation to that. As I tend to write when I'm down. And when I'm up.

Anyhow... we have worked our collective ass off to get Hudson back to a level of his peers, and it takes my breath away to see how far he has come... and to wonder just how far he will go.

I often wonder if he got it from me - the lack of attention... I was forever off in la-la land, missing instruction at school and then wondering what the hell was going on.

But... I figured it out... and so will Hudson. In my day job... because of the nature of having to work in an office and have people come up to chat with me every 15 minutes or require my help with something that Google doesn't know, I am purposely distracted... which is cool, because I tend to work very well in short blasts.

Or... maybe I just want to be more like my son and I'm only imagining I'm like him. I was a classic under-achiever... lazy... but that doesn't seem to be the boy at all.

I'm not so lazy anymore - I always finish what I start. Hopefully he's like me, but not so much like me.

The last thing I'd want him to be is a writer. It's fun and all that, but fun doesn't make you rich.

Can you believe it? The only time I listened to my dad was when he told me to forget about having a high-paying job that you hate but keep for the money... he said if you find one you do enjoy... even if it pays crap... at least you'll be happy.

Effing 147 IQ be damned. I should have taken the money.

My son's goals are to play professional hockey or baseball (NOT soccer!!!), and to work at the LEGO store in the off season.

He's eight today and I hope he becomes whatever the heck he wants to become. We could use the LEGO employee discount. The only advice I'll give him is to not be a writer.

Y'know... my plan was to write out the 90 or so published Wonderful Rife articles I had written while in Japan and then think about writing a book. Then... I decided I liked writing this blog too damn much. Since I don't get paid for this, the pay is crap.

Happy Birthday, Hudson! Your dad is very proud of you!

Andrew Joseph
The photo above was Hudson's Halloween costume for 2013 - Zombie Santa... or as I called him Satan Claus. It was his idea and his design. Though... we did end up painting his face green and adding a gnarly white and black beard because he couldn't breath in that damn dollar store mask.
PS: I'm off work from the 12th of December to the 4th of January, as I didn't take any vacation time off this year... so beware... I'm going to try and start doing two-a-days here. Or maybe I'll start that book.
PPS: On the shelves and in the cabinet and beside the TV are LEGO. It's a small 1-million piece collection. It's how I spend my money... on my son. I never thought I would have a son... and yet I always dreamed of it.


  1. Happy birthday, Hudson-san - and many happy returns to you!!!