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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Japanese Invention - Electricity From The Moon

I've heard of fantastic ideas in my young life, like how warming up before exercising doesn't do anything, used all-season mid-range tires could cost me $196 each (apparently, I'm choosing death), and that the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team is a Stanley Cup contender in 2013-14.

But... here's one from Japan.

According to the folks at the Shimuzu Corporation out of Tokyo, they have an idea to wrap a belt of solar panels around the moon that could capture and transmit some 13,000 terrawatts of power back to Earth to, I don't know, give us the much needed electricity we crave to power our televisions.

Idealistic? You're damn right.

But... the Shimuzu Corp. is at least thinking...

The 13,000 terrawatts is actually 3x the power generated by the U.S. of A. in all of 2011.

That's the plan, anyways... or at least the idea.

Check out this highly detailed (not) news report.

Nice, huh? It's not like they have said HOW they would get the solar panels onto a moon we haven't actually visited since... when the hell was Apollo 17?

1972? That was over 40-effing years ago!

Okay... let's suppose we go back to the dusty moon... how the hell are you going to transmit the power back to Earth - cables?

And... lest we forget... how the hell do we capture the transmitted electricity?

And since we are all having a laugh at this ambitious joke in 2013... will the electricity work with our current needs. That is to say, will it be AC... DC... or god help us, MC... as in Moon Current?

Anyhow... here's what the Shimuzu Corp. does have in mind... since they are looking at creating a solar power band that is 6,800 miles by 12 miles wide on the moon's surface (and won't that look romantic?), the feeling is that this would be too difficult for human beings, so they want to use robots with human supervisors.

They DO plan to send the energy captured and created on the moon to receiving stations around the world - so it's not just a "Japan wins" thing - via lasers and microwave transmissions.

Here's a smart thing to consider... as long as the belt isn't on the dark side of the moon, there is no weather or darkness to get in the way of the moon receiving solar light to capture.

Could it work? Yes. Just not with our (no pun intended) (much) current technologies.

Andrew Joseph
PS: In case this works in 30 years, I reserve the right to delete this particular blog and cheer the Shimuzu Corp. for their future-forward thinking.

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