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Monday, December 16, 2013

Writing Blogs For Fun

I had dinner at my aunt's house last night... bringing my wife and son over to her family's place... where my cousins and their family also gathered. Aside from my aunt, none of the brothers and sisters from her generation could make it... not that anyone expected them to.

It's about as dysfunctional as dysfunctional can get... which suits me just fine, to be perfectly honest.

Fewer people to have to impress or depress when they really want to know how I'm doing.

I had my sixth alcoholic drink for the year... a bet I chugged back in less than 60 seconds... just to see if I could still drink like I did when I was in Japan 20 years ago. Unfortunately, I still can. I switched to coke, and aside from a sugar rush, I was coherent and in fine comedic form for all the little kids...

Anyhow... it seems as though some of the family seems to recall that I was writing a blog last year. Actually... until recently, I was writing four of them - three under my own name... though I confess I am growing weary of writing the blogs - except this one, of course.

I noted that I had recently surpassed 1.1 million hits with Japan-It's A Wonderful Rife, which elicited a few raised eyebrows and congratulations as they seemed to acknowledge that it is indeed a pretty good accomplishment... though I wish the majority of the hits I get every day weren't people searching for porn and stumbling across a few articles I penned...

Y'know... I still get people writing in and lambasting me over stuff I wrote two years ago... like I care.

All I can say is, thanks for taking the time to read, but if I'm so wrong and YOU are so effing right, why don't you create your own blog and set all the records straight. I have only ever offered my opinion. I have never said my opinion is the definitive answer - unless I state that it is... because sometimes I do get it right.

Anyhow... that's not the point.

My relatives wonder how I can make money from my blog. One million hits? I should be able to turn it into a much needed cash flow.

True. Who doesn't need or want money? Plenty of people, I suppose. I don't personally know any of them, though.

I could use the extra cash... but I don't really want to turn this blog into a walking advertisement hoping people will click on the ads so I can make pennies turn into dollars.

Yes... I really said that.

I don't want to make any money from this blog. The blog is a blog. Should I decide to write a book based on some of my writings - fine... but I don;t want any effing adverts on this blog.

I don't want this blog to be money-focused.

This blog has always been about me having a voice in this world... a world where too often no one physically really wants to listen. So I shut up. This blog - when I choose to - is how I speak.

Even if 10 people read it, it's appreciated. And that's why I don't want advertisements.

Then I expect my blog to be making me money. It becomes more about cash rather than about presenting an interesting or in this case a not-so-interesting piece.

I'm actually taking my cue from Mike Rogers who writes the Marketing Japan blog - go read it. We agreed that the blogs we write are fun. Fun to write even when we write about ourselves... exposing our foibles... naked to the world... in front of... every kind of girl...

Those were lyrics to a song dancing in my head at the moment (after I took the photo above).

Money tends to spoil the fun.

Of course, Mike makes more money than I do and can afford to say that, but I still appreciate the concept.

I already have a 9-5 (actually 8-4) job writing every day, that pays me cash, which is almost as good as money. THAT is what I do for money.

Writing this blog... that's what I do for a living.

Andrew Joseph
Yeah... that's photo took of myself at 1:10 in the AM. That's the problem with self-portraits... you never seem to smile. Which sucks, because I usually am smiling... but I think this one makes me look pensive.
Gotta go look up pensive.... and back again. Got it right.  

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