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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Thermae Romae Movie Trailer

Here's a video clip of a very funny Japanese movie called Thermae Romae... which I think translates to Roman Bathhouse.

basically, the story is a bout a Roman architect named Lucius who discovers a tunnel leading to a spa... that transports him to modern day Japan... in a bathhouse.

Hilarity ensues. 

Originally a manga (comic book) created by Yamazaki Mari (surname first), the popular series was turned into a live-action movie by Fuji TV, and released in April of 2012.

Why I have never heard of it before now befuddles my brain... but here... take a look at the trailer on YouTube... it has English sub-titles...:

What's surprising to me is how much the Roman soldiers - played by Japanese actors - seem to look... not so Japanese...  

Speaking of which - much gracias, Matthew for the heads up! Two years late, but better than never.

Andrew Joseph 

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