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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Japanese Man Arrested For Stomping Kid's Feet

Y'know… I read about these weird things and I just think to myself: "Don't let it be about Japan, don't let it be about Japan"… and "D'oh!" 

Tokyo police arrested 39-year-old Kurashima Akio for allegedly stomping on the feet of children… on five separate occasions.

I have to say allegedly because he has not yet been found guilty by a court of law.

I also mention the five separate occasions just in case: One is an accident. Two is bad luck. Three or more is a pattern.

Tokyo police say that Kurashima is the director of an IT company. Oh… an IT guy.

Perhaps he thought his actions were occurring in a virtual world.

Apparently, while at a bookstore in Akasaka, Tokyo on February 15, 2014, Kurashima suddenly stomped down hard on the foot of a four-year-old boy, causing him to suffer a bruise on his left foot.

Hmm… the day after Valentine's Day? Perhaps no woman gave him a Valentine? You know… the IT thing. Hey… I'm just helping perpetuate a stereotype.

But, no. We can't blame all of the women in Japan for children getting their feet stomped on.

This event was just the latest incident, and the one that led to his arrest.

There were indeed four other incidents.

Perhaps Kurashima was just being friendly and playing a game with the children.

"Did you post that letter?"
"Eh? Nani? (Huh? What?)"
"That's because I for got to stamp it."

(Yeah, the old joke when written has an obvious spelling mistake… LOL!)

What you need to do is check out this YOUTUBE video… just because of the interesting computer animation showing Kurashima stepping on the feet of the kids.

Andrew Joseph

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