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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Japan Link To New Batman Movie

Because you are probably all wondering just what the hell funny sh!t does Andrew have up his sleeve now that Ben Aflck has been seen in costume for the new Batman franchise of movies... let's begin.

I do like Ben Afleck. I have no idea what he is like as a real person, but even though the script for Daredevil sucked, Afleck did a decent job. Marvel, for a while couldn't make a movie of its properties to stop it from going bankrupt... except maybe Blade. Just the first one. Maybe Ghost Rider (Just the first one, because I like Nicholas Cage in everything he's in.)

Look at the Howard The Duck, Elektra and the Fantastic Four movies - just crappy scripts. And who makes one of the most beautiful women on the planet - Jessica Alba - the Invisible Woman? She's someone we want to see all movie long. Not to mention the very hot Lea Thompson (big crush!) in Howard or super sexy Jennifer Garner (who is married to Ben Afleck) who played Elektra the super bitchy but hot ninja assassin.

How bad were the two FF movies? Consider that the actors in those movies will never reprise the role again... in any Marvel property... considering the guy who played Johnny Storm the Human Torch is now Captain America. Yes he is.

DC Comics... I have loved DC Comics since I first read a Denny O'Neil and Neal Adams Batman or Flash or Green Lantern story. But even DC made crap movies... Swamp Thing, the Batman movies #3 & 4, Jonah Hex... and Green Lantern (sigh).

Then look at the cool DC TV shows: The Human Target and Arrow... and the trailers for The Flash look awesome... as does the one for Gotham. (Marvel did well with Agents of SHIELD, and hopefully with the movie Guardians of the Galaxy - as I have always thought Marvel's space opera comics were the best (thank-you, Jim Starlin).

I have owned or own the first or second appearance of every character mentioned since this blog began except for Batman (maybe one day). Marvel should bring back Doctor Strange!!! I have every comic book he has ever starred in.

Sorry... the inner comic book geek in me yearns to be free sometimes. Being broke, I haven't purchased many new comic books in two years. I do own over 1-million LEGO bricks, however.    

And so now we have a new Batman movie set to debut... with people complaining that Afleck's bat-suit looks like crap. Uh... it actually looks a lot like it did in The Dark Knight comic... or, as I suspect, it looks a lot like Batman: Year One.... but Afleck's too old to pull off being 21...   

Or maybe they just wanted a simple costume and wanted a new actor... someone less moody or diva-like to play the role.

Whatever... let's give it a shot first before condemning it.

Anyhow, that doesn't mean I can't have some Bat-fun.     

This is obviously not as easy as the Godzilla movie jokes, because I have to ensure there is a Japan connection... and there is.

First off... this PHOTO was sent to me by my very good friend Matthew, with whom we shared the city of Ohtawara in Tochigi-ken, Japan. "She's mine. That's yours. She's mine. That's... mine too. You get two picks now."

Anyhow... because every photo needs a cutline, which in this case makes the photo funnier, here it is:

Here's the new Batmobile Afleck Batman has been forced to drive around in when chasing The Joker... because Robin borrowed the original so he and Starfire could go strawberry picking. It has a space for a cooler next to one of six rocket launchers.


Apparently the new Batmobile did not come in Black.

That last line is all Matthew's. Unless he stole it, of course.

Andrew Joseph
PS: The Japan connection is the make of the car - Mazda.
PPS: Unless the owner of the car sells baseball bats or works with bats at a zoo, that is the stupidest vanity plate I've seen in weeks. Actually, most vanity plates are stupid. I just find them so... so... vain. Of course, I don't even own a car anymore. Effing Mazda. I'll never buy one again... not even if you do make a BatCar.   

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