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Saturday, June 21, 2014

American Comic Book Propaganda Versus Japan - 9

It's been a few weeks since we last looked at some World War II propaganda versus Japan in the form of American comic books.

I like history, I like comic books, I like Japan, I love criticizing things where necessary. Let's begin:

According to, this comic book, Bomber Comics #4 was published on February 2, 1945 by Gilberton Publications.

Of course, says it is December 1944, published by Elliot Publishing Co.

I'm going to say is more correct… because I actually looked this comic book up in my Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide - a must for anyone collecting comic books and because of the detailed articles and facts, a must for people who love history.

Upon the cover of Bomber Comics #4, we see the boyish wonder Wonder Boy bowling a strike, knocking those pinhead Axis enemies of peace-loving freedom fighters—(from left) Germany's Adolf Hitler, Japan's Tojo Hideki (surname first), and Italy's Benito Mussolini.

The cover also sports some hot babe showing plenty of knee and a cool cat, too macho for a shirt, named Kismet - The Man Of Fate watch the poor bowling form of Wonder Boy.

Okay… I'm not a great kegler, nor am I a drawing artist of any form, but damn… that's bad art.

By the way, Kismet - The Man of Fate is considered to be the first Muslim comic book hero - and I'm not even going to talk about the 21st century irony of having the poor guy parlay his heroic trade in a comic called Bomber Comics. Okay, I just did, but  please note that not every Muslim is a fricking terrorist. Very few are. I sometimes think that whenever you see a crowd of frantic Muslims chanting in the street and burning the flag of some satanic nation, that it is the same damn group of 20 people parading around to every scene that CNN shoots. I'm pretty sure most of the people in the Middle East have jobs and watch these scenes on TV with headless abandon. I meant 'heedless'.

Kismet, does have a superpower: he knows what is fated to be... having the ability to see ahead and anticipate what's coming next to give him the advantage... "Uh, no... I'm not going to be able to go with you guys into that secret mission in Hiroshima... no... no reason..."

The Japanese may indeed know of a Wonder Boy - I certainly did - but only the blonde Hitler-esque version of the jungle kid from the Sega Game Gear system - Wonder Boy (ワンダーボーイ Wandā Bōi), which I played back in 1986+ and probably have in a case somewhere in the bowels of my basement.

Anyhow... like most artists, comic cover artist H.C. Kiefer knows how to draw a pretty sexy woman, as you can above she is both laughing at Wonder Boy who thinks he has a shot at her, and at Kismet - The Man Of Fate not because he is wearing a fez on his head, but rather because every time he unfurls himself to bowl, she can see that he has accidentally tucked part of his cape into the back of his tights.

Apparently Kismet only sees ahead - not behind.

As for the babe - faith and gamorrah! - no one is sprinkling this pillar of global community salt! Her liberty is safe as the evil pins of tyranny are splattered across the deserted alleys of forever.

Okay… I'm a bit overboard there…

I think that the babe is Sally Benson, and she is the girlfriend of Wonder Boy. Wonder Boy, originally published by Quality Comics (now a part of DC Comics) was simply known as Wonder Boy - no alter ego. He is an alien who traveled to Earth in a spaceship (uh-huh), when his planet (Viro) was destroyed (uh-huh) after it collided with a star. Wow... that's so super, man.

Landing essentially in Chicago, Wonder Boy had the strength of 100 full-grown men, so I'm kind of surprised that with his strength he didn't pulverize the bowling pins with his toss.

So... is he a boy or a man? 'Cause that babe of a girlfriend is tres sexy for a non-adult in 1940-whatever. And Wonder Boy - don't let her pose so close to Kismet! Who knows what will happened when she catches a whiff of his manly musky scent? Well... I suppose Kismet knows.

"I knew that was going to happen!"
"Shut-up, Kismet. Why do I hang out with you?"
"Indeed, Wonder Boy, why do you need to hang-out with anyone when you have the lovely Sally Benson here not wearing any underwear?"
"Did you use your foreskin powers to know that?"
"It's foresight powers, and - are you kidding?! Just look at her dress - all clingy on that hot white, teenage girl body."
"Aren't you a Muslim - should you even be talking like that?"
"Praise Allah!"

Okay - just having fun there - "Allāhu Akbar."

But WTF is up with Hitler's cap? Does he not look like he's some sort of Commodore of a yacht or maybe like Mister Howell on Gilligan's Island? Did Der Fuhrer ever wear a cap like that? White? Really? I suppose it's his white visor cap with insignia made of gold bullion and eagle in gold metal… but the white cap is hardly the one people would say was one Hitler was known for.

As for Tojo? The artist made him look like he just found out that he ate American rice and enjoyed it - I'll kill you for that!

Now… why is Mussolini on this cover? Even if we are to assume that this comic was published in December of 1944… I'm pretty sure that by September of 1943 (15 months earlier), Italy had surrendered… and that on October 13, 1943 (14 months earlier) Italy actually declared war on Germany!

So… WTF Bomber Comics? I can understand that the Allies are still pissed off and are fighting the Germans and the Japanese - but basta fazul - Italy is on your side now!

It's not even close… the two sources with the sparse information about this comic books both have it being published 14 to 16 months AFTER this historical flip-flop of epic proportions.

Hey! Whozza winning? We're on dat side!

I know, I know… I didn't really examine Japan very much in this blog - but that's because while the Allies always tended to make the Japanese look either comical in their bumbling or ogre-like in their animosity, the Japanese element in this comic book cover is pretty tame. Bowling...

Let's just call this comic book cover: Bowling for Scrip.

But… it is interesting to note the inaccuracies found both in the comic book artwork and the editing, but also in our web-based information available for your use.

I almost feel like I should wear a condom to protect myself from the shrapnel left behind from Bomber Comics, and from the virus of website inaccuracy.

Andrew Joseph

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