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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Japan Festival In Boston

For my friend Vince and all of you in the Boston area!

If you can, there is a Japan Festival in Boston on Saturday, June 7, 2014 at the Central Square cultural district near the Central Square station.

It's free, so rather than hurt yourselves watching the Red Sox (Go Blue Jays!), why not go and check it the festival?

This year's event is actually a part of the Cambridge Arts River Festival.

If you decide to go, shout out Vince's name from time to time... and if he answers, go and say hi. Take some photos and send'em here - if you feel like it.

Yeah, Vince - take photos!

I'm still feeling the burn out from work and stuff - the stuff being a coach of an under 9 boys soccer team with one of my players inciting violence (I'm not kidding), but I like the kid and I'll figure out how to turn him around; plus I am an involved dad and sort of coach to a coachless baseball team of 8 and unders (boys and girls) who are somehow 5W and 1L despite few knowing how to catch, throw, hit and in some cases, run... as we really do have a boy who doesn't like to bend his knees when he runs. Not because of anything medical - because he can bend them easily and without pain - but just because he doesn't want to.

Old fart baseball fans (apparently like myself) will recall the Penguin, Ron Cey of the Chicago Cubs.

I call myself an old fart because I pulled an oblique muscle up and under my ribs and though it's sore, when I sneeze I give myself immense pain. Why do I sneeze, because I have few nose hairs blocking out stuff. Why do I not have a lot of nose hairs? Because I'm tweezing out the grey hairs because there's no such thing as hair dye for nose hairs. Old fart.

It's funny. I recall thinking how 25 years ago when I was going to Japan that I was usually the oldest person on the JET Programme at the age of almost 26-years of age when I arrived. I wasn't of course. There were some old dudes who were 34 or so... but man, was I an immature kid who thought he was old.

I don't think I'm old know - except when I tweeze, I mean sneeze.

The festival specs are:

Date: Saturday, June 7, 2014
Time: 12:00pm – 6:00pm
Location: The Central Square cultural district (red line Central Square station)
Regular booth will be on Massachusetts Avenue ( between Prospect Street and Sidney Street).
Food booth will be on Sidney Street (between Massachusetts Avenue and Pilgrim Street).
Admission: Free

Even if you aren't in the Boston area for this festival, enjoy the day and I'll try and get my head out of my a$$ and write something interesting for the next blog in 24-hours time.

Andrew Joseph

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