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Monday, June 9, 2014

Godzilla 2014 Movie A Thrilla

I saw the new Godzilla movie today.

Now, I'm not the type of a$$hole who's going to spoil things by telling you all about what goes on in it - I'm a different type of a$$hole than that.

Instead, let me say that Godzilla (2014) is the best Godzilla movie I have seen. Period. Granted, I have not seen any of the Japanese ones in the 21st century, so I have a limited field, but the original 1954 Godzilla movie (with English sub-titles) was until today the best of the kaiju (moster) flicks ever.

This one - this new version celebrating 60 years of Godzilla as King Of The Monsters... it was damn good.

There was a M.U.T.O. (massive unidentified terrestrial organism) that looks like a giant... well... insect... and as much as I want it to be Mothra, this unidentified critter looks more like one of those annoying bloodsuckers we hear whining around our heads in the summer. 

I might have wished for more scenes shot during the brightness of the day, and maybe for Godzilla to have been in it more... but I understand the need to build suspense, and suspenseful it was. Good suspenseful.

I was also a tad confused as to why Godzilla was in the movie, but whatever... maybe I missed that part.

There were good scenes in Tokyo, Oahu (Hawaii), Las Vegas and San Francisco. There were EXCELLENT nods to the Earth's thermonuclear past with scenes of the Bikini Atoll hydrogen bombs and I think a nod to the Lucky Dragon, a Japanese fishing trawler which was caught up in the fallout leading to the first person (in real life) to die from radiation sickness caused by a hydrogen bomb going off. Maybe.

I was pretty blown away by the whole movie and now I keep thinking I saw things that maybe I didn't see because I saw so many things and was looking for nods to the previous movies and to real history.

If you haven't seen Godzilla (2014) yet... then go and see it. It's worth the price of a ticket.

Andrew Joseph       

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