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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Japanese Magician - Sawa Hiroshi

I have always loved magic tricks - not to do myself, but rather preferring to be impressed by others who have a real passion for the art, and can perform tricks I've never seen before.

We've all seen the classic 'saw the lady in half' routine, and I bet most of know how it is performed - but if the trick is done with a fresh ROUTINE, then it becomes entertaining again.

And then my pal Vince sent me a video link to a Japanese magician who appears to be on an Australian television program - and I see something fresh involving sea shells and a nice take on the old disappearing-reappearing ball trick.

Or whatever... I'm not that hip when it comes to terms of prestidigitation. Holy sh!t. I spelled that correctly on the first go. Now that's magic!

This routine by Sawa Hiroshi (surname first) is smooth and classy and reminiscent of the 1980s or earlier (that Austin Powers outfit makes me thing 1960s - groovy, man!). Though Sawa-san uses English to chat with his hosts, you have to listen carefully to discern everything—especially when he cracks a 'Blue Hawaii' joke that is older than his hosts, but I'm sure their parents appreciated.

I can't seem to find any information on Sawa-san... is he alive? how old he is? does he still perform?

I do know that he is considered to be one of the top magicians in the world, if not one of the most respected ones... 

Anyhow... check out Japanese magician Sawa Hiroshi:

Andrew Joseph  



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