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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Japanese Pizza Delivery Boy

Thanks to my bud, Julien for showing me this video, we get to enjoy a man tossing a pizza pie into a microwave oven.

I know, I know… big whoop, right?

But this dude is a frisbee player—I'm unsure if there is such a thing as a professional frisbee player (and I'm pretty sure I don't want to know)—and he is going to toss the pizza or the pizza dressed as a frisbee or a frisbee dressed as a pizza across a 20-meter chasm and into an open microwave oven.

Why? Why not.

The pizza is 21 cm across, has a height of 1.78 cm, and weighs 192 grams.

The microwave, as mentioned is 20 meters away, with its door open on the left side, featuring an opening that is 30 cm by 20 cm high.

Here's the video:

Now… what I find the most amazing about this whole thing is the fact that on the webs where the video is posted… a video from a Japanese variety show… is:

1) people will watch the entire video of a Japanese man tossing a pizza into a microwave and then feel the need to make comments on it.

2) that many of those comments on this webpage are racist comments.

Like, WTF people?!

Yes, the video is of a Japanese man on some stupid Japanese variety television program doing something stupid, but the point is, you were fascinated enough to watch the whole damn thing.

You were impressed, but only enough to be racist in your remarks.


Yes, it's an inane thing to do, but hardly that inane. Just take a look at what passes for a World Record according to Guinness nowadays.

Oh that the race of man could sink so low.

Regardless if that was a pizza-covered frisbee or a pizza made to look like a frisbee, he still made the shot. That's the impressive feat.

Andrew Joseph

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