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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

LEGO Model - Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant

This is kind of cool - but here is the Dai-ichi Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima-ken, Japan - made out of LEGO!

I found this over at - and it shows the plant pre-disaster - so there are no radioactive vibes pouring off the model.

The model is NOT huge. It's done on a standard 32 x 32 blue base plate - okay - that's a guess as to its size, but it is obviously made in the microscale, as you can see that the single trees situated in the back are the soft green blades that are about one-inch in height.

I'm impressed over the originality of this model.

Why build it? Why not!

Anyhow... I'm a LEGO fan and I was searching photos on-line to see what type of model I could build with my spare 1-million LEGO bricks and the week I have to myself as the family goes on vacation for the week leaving me home alone.



That's my vacation - though I suppose there's no rest for the wicked, as I will, of course, continue with the daily-plus blogs.

Andrew Joseph

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