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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

LEGO Model - My Neighbor Totoro

This one is for a friend of mine - or maybe she isn't, who the fug knows. I think she is, so I suppose that is what matters - or else I wouldn't be showing this photo.

This is a LEGO model of the cast of My Neighbor Totoro, the wonderful Japanese animated film created by Miyazaki Hayao (surname first). The model was built by Iain Heath, and can be found over at

I saw this movie back around 1993 when I visited my friends, The Hutchison family - who had come over to Japan, to live in Nikko-shi, Tochigi-ken, where the wife taught English on the JET Programme, the husband worked as a scientist with Japanese fish - Rainbow Trout, amongst others, and three kids who were, I think, under the age of seven - one still a jabbering toddler...

Tamala... she was five-years-old, going on 30, and she, more than anyone else seemed to enjoy the My Neighbor Totoro, and made me watch it during a homestay (overnight visit)... and all I can say is - thanks.

Oh my god... 21 years later, she's still not as old as I was when I first saw this movie.

Oh well, at least the LEGO helps keep me young.

Andrew Joseph

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