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Monday, June 16, 2014

Lost In Translation - Japan

From over at, which is not the same as Debbie does Dallas, comes this wonderful little bit of English translation... proving that the professionals can screw up as easily as ... well.. anyone.

To see what I am talking about, Maia suggests rather confidently, that you will understand when you see the English translation of the Japanese phrase.

Admittedly, I had to look carefully... but damn....

That 'K' and the 'D' aren't even close on the standard keyboard, leading me to wonder if Auto-Correct played a nasty hand in this.

I also wonder of Maia happens to know of Debbie and just how close her blog title sounds to an American porno movie classic series?

Maia provides a fresh perspective on life as an AET (assistant English teacher) in Japan. Although her blogs can be rife with typos (and I'm guilty of that as well), she did not have as exciting a time in Japan as I did, what with her school (just the one) NOT utilizing her... not to the best of her abilities, but rather not utilizing her at all, making her question just what the hell she was doing in Japan.

I would suggest reading her blog - but starting at the beginning, and seeing the evolution of Maia in Japan, and to learn indeed just why everybody's situation is different.

Where people like myself came up smelling like Japanese roses, sometimes people like Maia just smell like the crap used to fertilize those roses.

Still... it's nice to see things come around for her.

Kudos to Vince for telling me about Maia and her blog.

Andrew Joseph

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