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Friday, June 6, 2014

Photo: Japanese Army Company Ready To Invade 1930s China

I know, I know... another photo from my collection - which means Andrew is busy or burnt out. A bit of both, to be honest - but it is a cool photo, nonetheless.

The photo above is a combat unit (a company) group shot in full garb before, what a couple of my Japanese history teachers think, might be an invasion of China back in the 1930s.

We didn't have much to go on save the style of uniform worn and the fact that the soldiers all seem to be wearing fur hats, implying that where they were going, it might be a tad nippy in the autumn or winter - and the fact that the album in which this photo was pasted as a frontspiece also contains a few other images of Japanese military activity in the 1930s when it was hyper aggressive in its desires to be the Asian leader even if no one but Japan wanted that.

Some of those other photos have vehicles in the background that are definitely from the 1930s (I know more about cars than I do military garb - which is easy, since I know nothing about military garb).

The photo is from an album I purchased at an Utsunomiya yard sale at a Christian church back in 1992 (I think), that I probably paid about ¥2000 (US/Cdn $20) for. While some of the images appear to be from some sort of giveaway, others are original photos (you can still see the silver in the photographs) from the mid 1930s-era.

Andrew Joseph

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