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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Prime Minister Abe's Revitalization Strategy 2014

Below is a link purporting to be Japan Prime Minister Abe's Revitalization Strategy to fix its economy, its human resources—including how to best utilize foreign workers—new industries, revitalization of small and medium businesses, and, of course, once revitalized, how to maintain the positives.

I do not have an economic degree, and I am not a citizen of Japan, but I have at least read the document, and like every political plan for economic revival it sound very promising and a great deal, but then again, I'm sure that's what the Native American Indians thought when they sold Manhattan.

It's a strategy - not an outline of what exactly he will he doing to attain the objectives... the key thing to note is that this is what Prime Minister Abe wants to do.

I'm not slagging him here... have an outline first and then figure out how you are going to achieve the goals. That's the tough part.

But at least here you can see what golden era he has in mind for Japan.

By the way... I'm still unsure why this document has been presented in English... perhaps Prime Minister Abe did it just for us.

Click HERE.
Andrew Joseph

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