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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Saturday Goings On

Just a news brief today. I'm tired, and with every sneeze I shot the heck out of my oblique muscle and curse under my breath from the pain.

The sneezing may have been accelerated a tad on Saturday as my cat allergies, while not strong, have been tickled a bit thanks to the latest addition to the Joseph clan.

We went to the local animal shelter and picked up a cat, a real friendly one that is 6 years and 10 months, so they say - an orange & white tabby cat who apparently answers to the name of Daphne.

Not the ideal name, in my books, but she really does answer to it and comes when I call her.

She's already following me around and sitting on me, and is probably waiting for me to finish writing this to go to bed so she can finally call it an exciting day. I have no idea why cats gravitate to me - probably have that innate sense that I'm good with animals and kids and am allergic... though truthfully, not all that much.

My son, is now batting .875 in his first year of baseball, though he missed a high pop-up at thirdbase and had the ball catch him on his skinny, bony hip. Owtch. He makes that play 50 times in a row in our backyard  - I know, because he wants to practice... luckily, his team won again taking them to 6W and 1L, and in second place (the leading team has played one more game and has a tie to hold a one-point lead... his team beat them last weekend).

As for Japan news, my buddy Vince reports that the Boston Japan Festival was a bit of a disappointment owning to the fact that the sharing of the spotlight with the Cambridge Arts Festival actually rendered the Japanese one limp and dull. Too bad. Despite being home to the hated Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins (I'm from Toronto and am obliged to dislike those teams on principle, even if I grudgingly respect them), the city of Boston is lovely though many of its inhabitants talk funny, but have some superb museums and galleries... one would expect them to put on a better show merely out of respect to its reputation.

Anyhow... I'm off to watch Godzilla tomorrow (Sunday afternoon). Hmm, Daphne is a big cat - 21 pounds or so and is thumping around the house - no, she's now on my keyboard rubbing herself all over me while purring. I can't see the damn keyboard, so I'll end this for now.

Andrew Joseph 

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