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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Japanese Bullet Train With A Spa

Here's a news clip I saw on CP24, a Toronto news station, about a new Japanese bullet train (shinkansen) that brings the leisure back into train rides, with a spa for those elitist bastardos to use.

Yes, that was sour grapes.

You can watch my YouTube video below - it comes with additional commentary from my cat, Daphne:

 Daphne mentioned something about not caring for the spa - what with the fact that who knows what gaijin has been in that tepid water.

Me? I'd go in it, but fear that the train people will need a net to scoop out all my hair when I'm done.

Oh, be quiet with your yucks and groans.

What is more incredible about this video is that this news item was in the top left of my TV screen, what with the news channel in the habit of showing multiple things at once - and yet... it wasn't shaky.

Who says you can't drink and film? Well, lots of people, which was why I only had water.

I sometimes just watch the news for that beautiful newscaster... 

Andrew Joseph

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