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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Day At A Japanese Beach

Though the date suggests otherwise, in the western hemisphere, the day after Labour Day - this year it's September 1 - it kind of marks the end of summer.

To honor that, here is a photo from my collection, circa mid-1930s... obviously I wasn't around then - showing the beach at Zushi-shi (Zushi City) in Kanegawa-ken (Kanegawa Prefecture).

It's about one hour south by train from Kyoto, and you can apparently see Mt. Fuji from the beach - but I doubt it.

This year, 2014, Zushi Beach (逗子海岸) banned alcohol, loud music and visible tattoos or from having barbeques outside or inside their portable beach huts (umi no ie).. seems as though in recent years Japan's young people got unruly with too much partying and unruly behavior such as fighting amongst drunks... oh, and they left a lot of garbage on the beach. Idiots.

It sure is another summer long gone by...

Andrew Joseph

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