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Friday, September 19, 2014

Hello Kitty Japanese Tea House

While the sign at this 'exhibit' clearly states in ENGLISH that it is a Japanese Tea House, I now become doubly confused.

Is the Lit-up Hello Kitty part of the exhibit?

Did this fun family of three bring the electric kitty to the exhibit?

Where is the father of the family? Is he working? That would be my first guess, but then who is taking the photo?

By the way, I just realized why there are so few photos of myself in existence as an adult! I'm taking the photos, usually. I have a few selfies (hate that term) that I took BEFORE the term became hateable...

Why is the signage in English?

Even if there is a Hello Kitty Japanese Tea Room somewhere in the world, surely it would be in Japan... which would explain why there is a Hello Kitty electronic geisha serving tea...

I only assume that the family here are Japanese IF this is in Japan... only because I am assuming that other nationalities aren't all that hot on Japan... but I could be wrong.

Does anyone know if there are Hello Kitty fun houses anywhere else in the world or where this photo might be from?

Andrew Joseph

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