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Friday, September 5, 2014

Japanese Scenes In American Movies - 1

Every now and then while watching a Hollywood movie, there are scenes in there that seem to pay homage to the Japanese flick.

Take tonight's blog, for example.

In the photo up above, we have scared Japanese businessmen running for:

a) the last train out of Tokyo after a night of drinking with co-workers;
b) their life because their wife has found out about their mistress;
c) their life because Godzilla is after them;
d) their life because a Tyrannosaurus Rex is after them.

The correct answer could indeed be any of the above, but it is actually an homage to those classic kaiju (monster) Godzilla movies, except in this case, they are indeed running from a Tyrannosaurus Rex - from the movie The Lost World: Jurassic Park... an oldie from 1997.

It's so absurdly funny having these guys run through the late-night streets of San Diego, California, but a nice tip of the cap to Godzilla and the many movies it spawned.

But... the best part of this scene is when one of the men yell out in Japanese, "I left Japan to get away from this!"


Andrew Joseph

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