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Monday, October 20, 2014

Blogging About Japan: By The Numbers

As the days grow shorter, so to does my knowledge of understanding how this whole social media thing is so popular.

I suppose in the common vernacular, I'd be a Luddite, as I do not have a laptop, smart phone, cell phone, tablet, iPad or even an iPod.

I have a computer at work and one here at home. I have a digital camera.

How do people contact me if I don't have a cell phone? Leave a message at home or at work, and if I get the message, I'll get back to you when I'm not busy doing other things.

But I'm not here to rail against all of you who seem to be at the beck and call of others... if you like having a short attention span and need to be in constant contact with what other people are texting - by all means. That is your right to be used that way.

Seriously... what is so important that at 7:30AM or 7:30PM someone needs to contact me to spout some drivel. I'm LOL-ing my @$$ off. It's so funny I think I need to provide you with instantaneous gratification by texting right back. Poor lonely people.

I walked down a busy thoroughfare a few days ago in Toronto... out of the 1000s of people I passed, I could literally count on two hands the number of people who weren't chin deep into their phonies, sorry, phones - not talking to someone, but rather twitching their thumbs in a manic-level frenzy to comment on the latest and greatest witticism of some person they like, but are obviously too uninterested to talk to either on the phone or in person.

But that's not what I'm here to bitch about.

Does anyone understand how people make money off the Internet stuff ON the Internet? Providers - sure.. pay money, you can use the Internet... unless you are scooping it for free from someone else's paid wi-fi service.

Advertisements? Really? For advertisers, there is this instant gratification that lets them know that people are clicking on their ad... and they can trace back to see who did so and can then contact them to see WHY they clicked on the ad.

But who does that?

I'm mean sure, I want to click on the ad for penis enlargement - why not? Everyone want more out of life, right? Sure I'll bet those Chinese medicines are a great bargain.

But seriously... who clicks on the ads? People who already want something - and that ad speaks to them.

When you click on a newspaper (free one) on-line... are we not all aware that the ads are on the right... or the far left.. and have already trained ourselves to not look anywhere but the center of the screen?

Now advertisers want their ads placed in the middle of articles in the middle of the screen. It gets placed there alright, but readers tend to gloss right over it so they don't have to be bothered by it.

So - what is the point? How do people make money from digital advertising? For those that like the tactile feel of paper, the visual allure of a paper ad can make one look.  The only problem for advertisers is that they do not get that instant gratification of knowing that anyone was looking.

Did you know that there is a ratio of 10:1 regarding advertising price for print versus digital? Digital being cheaper. So what if it is cheaper - do people actually look at the ads on-line?

There are those who hire out services from companies to click on such ads, just as there are those on-line services that will give you X amount of Facebook likes and X amount of Twitter followers... which makes me wonder how people  - average non-celebrity or sports figure people - have thousands and thousands of followers?

I've read what they have to say - and baby, it ain't that astute or interesting. It's insipid pap from people who just re-roll famous adages.

And what do they get from these Likes and Followers? A false sense of self-importance?

i know all about self-importance.

I'm a writer, and writer's like to know that what they put out there is indeed being read, or in my case - ogled.

I write everyday and try to present a different view on Japan or just provide information on subjects people might not even have considered knowing. I'm trying to create my own Encyclopedia Japonica mixed in with such mundane things as advice and personal stories about my time in Japan.

I must be doing something right? I have over 1.7 million hits - and not many bloggers can claim that.

But, I am aware that most of my hits are transient visitors... not so much people who Follow me and this blog, but those who are seeking information on any given subject... which means that most of what I write about isn't seen by people.

It would be disheartening, but I write mostly for myself and a few others who I know read what I write. I've always said that as long as at least one person reads this stuff, I would continue to do it.

So why this diatribe?

Ego. During the month of August, I was getting several days of over 3,000 hits per day, averaging around 2,400. Not bad. It made me pleased - even though I am aware that the majority of hits are for those related to one of the 'sex' topics I have covered - see the popular topics to the right... I don't keep those there... the readers do... a weekly affirmation of my output...

September - the numbers went down to around 2,000 hits on average. October so fare... holy crap - down again, rarely breaking 2,000, hitting an all-time 2014 low of 1,450 or so hits on a day.

But... to quote Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman: What Me Worry? I don't.

To those of you who read and to those of you who occasionally drop me a line of encouragement - I thank-you.

One can't worry about 'numbers' when one enjoys doing what one is doing.

I don't have much else exciting going on in my life - that's be a book one day, which will reveal the exciting concept of why not much is going on - but writing... writing at least keeps me sane, believe it or not.

For those of you who care, keep reading or looking at the pictures.

If you don't see anything from me for longer than a day or two - there's obviously a cause for concern for my well-being... but until then... thanks.

Andrew Joseph




  1. Keep going strong Andrew, love your work.

    Stone Bridge Press

    1. Thanks, Michael... I'm reading the book, by the way - and loving it. It's slow - but that's ONLY because I want to recall everything!