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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

LEGO Dioramas Featuring Japan

I like LEGO. I never played with it as a kid, but as an adult - yeah. My son, who is approaching nine seems to like it building things - but only new things, hence the hundreds of kits in our house - and the whole cityscape in his bedroom, but doesn't get into rebuilding things.

Me... I like to try and create dioramas - scenes from my imagination, inspired or otherwise. I'm currently working on constructing a Doctor Who space tunnel that the tardis goes through when traveling through time and space. It's slow going, as I need to figure out how to make it twist and turn (I know) and then shrink it to a singularity at the end.

But... every time I think I'm getting good at building with LEGO, I see the work others do and I feel like a nine-year-old who should better stick with just building kits.

It's not just the skill, it is also the availability of bricks - in the color and shape I require... that costs money, and for whatever reason, that's sorta tight.

Anyhow, here are some of the cool Japanese dioramas I saw recently that put my 'skill' to shame:

Mothra attacking a city? This is HUUUUGE! The two train cars to the left - that's around 60-centimeters in length! What is truly awesome, but overlooked, is the white foam around the fallen train track in the water - a very nice touch.

Ultraman in battle - how cool! Not as huge as the diorama above, but the touches such as the Mister Sparkle sign, the fires and the hovering aircraft are a very nice touch.

The starship Yamato created with the smooth outer finish. That takes some skill and some neat headlight parts - a lot of 'em. As well, the roundness achieved is brilliant. No idea about the size, but I would estimate around 90-centimeters long. That's a LOT of bricks, and a lot of skill. The stand, it sits on is also amazing.

Inspiring... I guess I need to get another job or learn how to better use what I have.
Andrew Joseph

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