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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mental Health In Japan

A 2008 study by Japan's Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labor found that 24 per cent of Japanese people had suffered from some kind of mental health problem.

That's one in five people.

Another report found that one in five adults had considered killing themselves, with actual suicide rates at 51 per 100,000 people — twice as high as the U.S. and three times that of the UK.

Makes one not want to be Japanese.

For those of you who do think you suffer from a mental health issue - don't worry... the stigma isn't as strong as it used to be just six years ago when that initial report came out!

Look around your office or classroom... and know you aren't alone.

In my workplace, I know of at least six people who have confided in me that they suffer from depression... and who knows how many more out there at my place have it or something else.

I don't - believe it or not - but I am understanding of it. Amongst many family members who suffer from it are a cousin, uncle, aunt and even a grandmother. Any others would just be a guess, but I think there might be a couple more.

Having said all that, please go and talk to either a doctor or licensed professional or professional service about your concerns.

Andrew Joseph

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