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Friday, December 5, 2014

Japan's Cat-Shaped Marshmallows

Whoops! I published this one by mistake... too soon... Let me re-write it...

If you love cats so much that you want to watch them drown in a hot steamy liquid then perhaps the artsy marshmallows made in the form of cat parts is your thing.

Now, as you have that nice steaming mug of hot chocolate - and who doesn't love hot chocolate... er, the drink... you can plop in some cat marshmallows that look like cats, but thankfully aren't made of cat or taste like cat.

You can purchase these sweet images of death from Japanese confectioner Yawahada via the website:

In my opinion, the only way they could make these things any better would be if they could actually mew or meow at you while you drank your drink.

"Why aren't you doing something, human? I'm burning!"

Or perhaps:

"I'm melting! Melllllllting."

"You know I just pooped in your cup."

Me? I like cats, but I am a dog-person... but since my chocolate lab, Buster died last year, I've been without a faithful companion IE four-legged vacuum. My cat Spek died at the age of 21 earlier this year, and while I could never replace her, the family did adopt a fat cat from the pound named Daphne who came to us at the plump weight of 21-pounds (around 9.5 kilograms).

We've since got her down to around 15-pounds (6.8-kilograms) and all I can say is she is the friendliest cat I have ever had. Truly amazing.

While I am still apparently her favorite human in the house because I'm the only one with a cat allergy, she isn't shy about sharing her infections, I mean affections with everyone else.

Having said that... I still don't understand why anyone would want to place cat-shaped marshmallows into the drink.

To each his or her own. 
Right now the marshmallows are only available for sale to customers in Japan, but thanks to much interest, plans are afoot to make the cat marshmallows - and a whole slew of other sugary sweets  - available to international customers.

Andrew Joseph

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