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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Noboko & Andrew - Love Is A Battlefield

Nothing is resolved between myself and Noboko as far as I am concerned, but apparently the same can't be said for Noboko relative to our relationship.

I think she thinks that we should just enjoy the two months I have left in the JET (Japan Exchange & Teaching) Programme and not tell her dad about us.

I think we need to tell everyone everything because that's what I would do... only it's not just me.

I ask Noboko a few days after we get back together after our first argument if I can have dinner at her parent's house again.

Noboko is no one's dummy... well... maybe her father's... but she tells me quite plainly that there is no way in hell that I am coming over again, so I can forget all about spilling the beans to him.

I had to try. There was no suave way to get another invite to her parent's place... not after that argument.

I'm completely befuddled... I don't know what to do... her old man is the boss of the northern section of Toichigi-ken's junior high school principals... which means he has some clout in the whole Japanese educational system.

She seems to think that if his daughter was found to be dating the local Ohtawara-shi junior high school teacher, it would bring shame upon him.

The thinking here is that it would mean his daughter is a slut.

No Japanese woman dating a gaijin (foreigner/outsider) would just be dating him... there would be sex involved... and apparently that whole sex before marriage thing is completely frowned upon in Japan.

It is frowned upon, and yes, everyone would be correct in surmising she and I were having sex... I mean dammit... she's hot. Forget about the fact that I fell in love with her at first sight... she is smoking. And man, the sex was awesome!

Now... here's the thing... while Japan does frown upon the whole sex before marriage thing... and probably scowls a lot more when a gaijin male is involved... damn near everybody in Japan has been involved in pre-marital sex.

In fact, a large majority of Japanese males are also involved in marital sex with a female who is not their spouse.

Japan loves sex.

There are live hotels all over the damn place... and even in a sleepy little city like Ohtawara-shi, I think there were maybe three or four love hotels catering to the sexual libido of a horny population.

Love hotels come in many flavors, but the main concept is that one can rent a room by the evening or for a two hour period - which is just enough time for most people to get their freak on.

Yes... you can rent a hotel room for two hours... have sex... and still have your girlfriend or mistress back in time for whatever curfew her father has placed upon her.

Many love hotels, as I am sure you are aware, also have theme rooms: rooms decorated in a theme such as the Hello Kitty sex room with pink walls and cat masks; the Samurai sex room with armor and swords; Star Wars sex room with plastic light sabers and masks; Tarzan sex room with swinging vines... or they simply just have romantic rooms with hot tubs, heart-shaped beds, S&M rooms with chains dangling from the ceiling for body parts to be strapped into.

I went into one with Ashley - my former American JET girlfriend... but we just wanted a place to crash after wandering around Tokyo one evening doing a mess of shopping. We had a round bed which I fell off of, because dammit, I was looking for sex without all the angles, and not a bed built as such.

My favorite love hotel chain establishment is the Go-Go-Go. Go is the Japanese word for 'five', but the owners are obviously familiar with the English phrase of "go-go-go" in reference to giving it to her hard and fast with people chanting away.

So... everyone in Japan pretty much has pre-marital sex... and does so at a love hotel.

So... I can see Noboko's concern that should her father realize she and I are together, that she and I are doing it - and since he would know I am a JET teacher, I would have my own place.

Her dad, prior to having me over for dinner a month ago already knew of me. Apparently most of the upper echelon of Tochigi-ken's educational personnel know of me.

It's not because I'm a fantastic assistant English teacher (AET) - because I'm not. But it is because I am quite a popular AET with the students - regardless of what anyone else says.

I was told by Noboko's dada that the students really seem to like me as a person... that my sense of humor has made it quite easy for everyone to want to learn to do better in English class. While the desire to learn English is there - I am unsure if it has translated into better English scores for my students.... but Noboko's dad said they at least wanted to learn English more than they wanted to learn any other class.

So Noboko's dad respects me, right?

Not quite. He says I have quite the reputation for being a joker.

That's bad. While the Japanese love to laugh, when one's daughter is involved, a serious salary man would be best served... and when one's job involves a serious position such as education, having a bunch of nails standing up having a good time laughing and telling jokes to the gaijin AET is not what Japan needs.

He didn't say it, but I know what he was inferring. That's when the two of us got drunk and I made him laugh.

No one out-drinks me in Japan... not unless I don't want to drink.

So... I understand Noboko's concerns, and I discuss all of this with her, but "Aren't we assuming the worst of your father?"

"Maybe," I continue, "maybe he is concerned about you, but really all he wants is for you to be happy."

"Mm. Perhaps," Noboko says while sucking air through her teeth, a sure sign she doesn't believe what she is semi-agreeing to. "Can we kiss now?"

Damn... she knows I can't resist that... she's going to change the subject by "making" me have sex with her.

While we certainly had our go-go-go moments lasting longer than two hours, she did not go-go-go from my apartment.

I don't know how she is going to explain this to anyone, but Noboko spends the Thursday night at my apartment sleeping naked beside me in my queen-sized bed.

We both have work to go to in the morning... and when we finally go to sleep, I am already making plans to call in sick on Friday seeing as how I only have to spend the day in the Board of Education office.

Noboko, however, is awake before I am and has had a shower, and is dressing in clothes she had hidden in a bag she had brought over.

I ask her what she will tell her father about not coming home last night.

"I won't tell him anything, because he won't dare ask for fear of knowing the truth," is what I am thinking.

"I have no idea what I will tell him... perhaps he won't even know I wasn't home because he is at a conference in Utsunomiya-shi last night," Noboko reveals.

"Okay... but what about your mom... what will you tell her?"



"Nothing. She knows you and I are together."

You could have knocked me down with a feather.

Noboko leans over a kisses me, grabs my crotch, smiles wickedly, and goes to her school to teach.

I wonder how she parked her car overnight in the parking lot below without anyone complaining...

Andrew Joseph

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