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Monday, December 8, 2014

Sex Toys & Video Games - An Unlikely Winning Combination

I'm unsure if this is just weird or brilliant.

I've been a gamer for as long as there have been video games... having been born at such a time when I actually had the first Pong game system.

Though I never had an Atari 2600, I did have an Atari 400 and Atari 130XE computer system circa 1980. I used to play video games at home on a 5-1/2" floppy disk, on cartridge and even on tape - played in a system that looked like a tape recorder/player.

It's not bragging. It's a fact. I'm a true old school gamer.

Along with having a Panasonic Odyssey system, I had all the various Sega game systems (including the Game Gear) before finally switching to the Nintendo NES (Famicon) system in Japan... yup, I had a the Japanese version... exactly the same as the North American game console except that the cartridges were a different shape. Basically, if you removed the plastic casing, you could stick in the American motherboards into the cartridge hole and play North American games on the Japanese system.

I then got my hands on the SNES (Super/Supa Famicon in Japan) system (as well as the Game Boy) before switching to Sony and Play Station 2 and 3, my current system that is also currently dying a slow death. Since the Play Station 4 system doesn't appear to play the 3 games, I would consider purchasing an used 3 until more interesting games are available on the 4.

I always play a game to its completion when possible - seeking 100% and am often successful... though I will not play on-line and I will not purchase 'kits' to give me more content. I've never been in love with ANY game to need to do that - I mean... there are so many games out there that are good, I want to finish and move on to the next. I guess that's my form of ADHD, minor as it is considering I have the wherewithall to finish everything I start.

I'm always looking for an edge when I play my games - maybe having a better controller or something like that, but I prefer to save my money to feed, in no particular order, my self, habits, hobbies, collection and now family. So, since I'm no longer living in my parents basement, I have to watch for whatever passes for pennies here in Canada. We don't have pennies in our currency anymore - I guess they cost more than one cent to produce, which isn't a good money making scheme when one is making money.

And here I see how one Japanese dude has decided to take things to a new level... by using vibrating sex toys he obviously had lying around the house as a means to press buttons quicker to provide him with that ultimate edge (as opposed to taking oneself over the edge).

The gamer is seen in the video link below playing the home system of the Konami produced game: Track &  Field, known in Japan as Hyper Olympic (ハイパーオリンピック). Yeah... I have played this game - on my friend Nigel's old Atari 2600, as well as at the arcade. I sucked at it. 

Produced in 1983 for the arcades, it was an official license for the 1984 Summer Olympics.

There are six events in the ARCADE game:
  • 100 Meter Dash – running by quickly alternating button presses;
  • Long jump – running by alternating button press and correct timing for jump. Hold jump button to set angle;
  • Javelin throw – running by alternating button presses and then using action button correct timing for angle;
  • 110 Meter Hurdles – running by alternating button presses and using action button to time hurdles;
  • Hammer throw – spinning initiated by pressing a run button once and then correctly timed press of action button to choose angle to release the hammer;
  • High jump – running (speed set by computer) and then action button must be held down to determine angle of jump. Once in the air, the run button can be rapidly pressed for additional height.
In each event, there is a qualifying time or level that the player must achieve to advance to the next event; failing to qualify (in one heat for running events or three tries in the other events) will reduce the player's number of lives by one, but if none are present in his/her disposal, the game will end.

The faster your time, the better chance you have of winning the event and a medal... or, if you are like this particular gamer... taking the world record in each and every event.

There were several home versions of the original; the ZX Spectrum and Amstrad CPC versions were only released as part of the Game, Set and Match II compilation in 1988, and are poorly regarded by fans.

The Nintendo NES version was different - gamers loved it. In 1985 for the HOME version of Hyper Olympic, Konami took four track & field sports: the 100-meter dash; long jump; 110-meter hurdles; and javelin throw) from the arcade version and put them on a Famicon NES cartridge.

A few months later Nintendo would eventually release four more events as Hyper Sports and a North American release with all eight events on the same cartridge as Track & Field - which would appear to provide one with more bang for the buck.

Now see how one guy has taken to playing the old video game, using some old fashioned technology and new-fangled electronic sex toy equipment.

Yes... it's is kiddie safe, though judging by what else is on the same pages as this YouTube video - perhaps it is not. But it is, in my opinion, safe for viewing at work - just like every single thing is on THIS blog.     

See the YouTube video below: 

Talk about improper use of the joystick.

I do know that as far as my own thought process goes, I enjoy playing video games as a release. yes, I used the word 'release'. I play man versus machine... and as such, teaming up with a machine to beat a machine doesn't seem as fulfilling to me as one might think. 

Still, he looks happy.   

I bet his girlfriend is p-o'd about all the sticky stuff on the joystick/sex toys... you know... Cheetos and Cherry Coke.

Or perhaps he's flying solo.. I don't see a ring on those delicate fingers of his... in which case... I hope those aren't his sex toys... ugh... his mom's?

Okay, I've done enough cheap jokes on this topic. Tomorrow we'll have something interesting, as usual, so you all come again!
Andrew Joseph  


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