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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Miss Universe Japan 2014 National Costume

Here is Miss Japan, Tsuji Keiko (surname first) in her national costume for the Miss Universe 2014 event that will be held on January 25, 2015 (Miss Universe 2014 in 2015??!!) in Miami, Florida, USA.

Not bad... it harkens back to a previous contest when Miss Japan won with a stunning samurai look that looked tough, but sexy... maybe the kind of costume one would expect your S&M woman to beat you senseless in, while stepping roughly on your testicles. See HERE for proof of Miss Universe Japan 2006.

Now... the 2014 version doesn't quite do that, but it still looks powerful and does indeed capture Japan's feudal spirit of a bygone era... much better than those years when they force the poor woman to dress up like she was a geisha. (Crap... I had to buy a new computer keyboard and the buttons are just slightly off from where I've placed my fingers on the previous board. I hate this new keyboard! It's taking me twice as long to re-type my mistakes.)

Anyhow, here's a nice photo of Keiko-chan. You can see now just how much that National costume hides this woman's sexy charms.. which is why I don't think it's such a great National Costume!

Here's the skinny on the slender Keiki:

Born in Okinawa, the 5'-6", 21-year-old Tsuji Keiko now calls Nagasaki her home.

Though every bit the lady representing first Nagasaki and Japan in the beauty pageant, she has also represented Okinawa in national karate competitions.

Attending Nagasaki International University, she is majoring in nutritional science, hoping to learn about the importance of the body and dietary health as well as the wonders of Japanese food.

Psst... I think she must be a very sexy, I mean excellent student.

In her first year of college, she ranked first in the Kyushu karate competition and was the third-best in the national competition.

Keiko apparently has a husky voice, once knocked out an opponents front teeth in a karate bout, and as a youngster had short hair and was a tomboy... and was once mistaken for a boy in the girl's bathroom.  

She sure doesn't look like a boy! Miss Universe Japan 2014 in some nice swim wear that shows off her nice body... but by international standards, she could use a bit of sun... not that I'm complaining or have the guts to tell that to her face. Karate and all that...
For contrast, below is Miss Canada, Chanel Beckenlehner, dressed up as... well it was supposed to be a hockey player, but obviously the whole thing was created by a fashion designer who had never seen a bloody hockey game.

Oh! Canada!  What the fug is up with the whole Marie Antoinette look? The hair, the gown? She's a beautiful woman - but come on!

The short plaid lumberjack-style skirt is nice... the hockey sticks out the back are interesting, but the miniature Stanley Cup in the hair is crazy considering a Canadian team hasn't won the much coveted National Hockey League trophy since 1993 - nearly 22 whole years ago! That's just wrong! Canada doesn't OWN the Stanley Cup! It's owned by the National Hockey League that has 30 teams - seven of whom play in Canada.

She's still sexy, but she looks like a ballpoint flamingo, the national bird of France. Vive la France!

The bizarre skirt attachment was also a bit of a mystery to me... and then I finally got it... it's to look like a hockey net.Those red pipings on the side are the goal posts.Is there a cross bar? It bears a closer look in my opinion.

But... worst of all is the scoreboard (with clock) attached to the costume.

The Home and Guest 20-14... is that the shots on goal or the score? Now... 20-14 for shots is a very boring game considering the scoreboard also says we're in the 3rd period. The 20-14 for goals is not any hockey game I have ever seen involving Canada - even the Toronto Maple Leafs who suck since I last wrote about them three weeks ago- and I've watched a lot of hockey in my years trying to grow up.

Oh gods... don't tell me it is meant to represent the year - 20-14 = 2014??? That's okay, I suppose, but completely unnecessary.We know what year it is... it's 2015... oh... wait... thi is Miss Universe 2014... now I'm just confused!

At least they didn't give Miss Canada a missing tooth orr (Bobby) make her wear a goalie mask new or old school.
Former Boston Bruins goalie Gerry Cheevers (1967-1982), who added the stitches to his mask every time he was hit there to show where he would have needed stitches to his face had he not been wearing one. Though Canadian, this Hockey Hall of Famer won two cups with the American team.
This must be the only time where Japan beats Canada in hockey.

Somewhere taking my hockey net and going home,
Andrew Joseph

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