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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Uh-Uh SpaghettiOs Upsets Japan Lovers

I'm not sure what I find more upsetting - Americans harassing Japan about Pearl Harbor 73 years after the fact; or the fact someone sent out a tweet via Twitter that wasn't proofread first; or the fact that so many people are following a CAN OF FRICKING pasta products on Twitter; or, better yet... me only finding out about this over ONE damn year later! I think it's the latter, but I'm too embarrassed to admit it.

The facts:

On December 6, 2013 (OVER one year ago), the American company SpaghettiOs--who produce pasta and sauce in a can for eating by kids and frat boys and adults (like myself) with little regard for their body--well… they sent out a tweet via Twitter - which you can see in all its gory, I mean glory up above (as below).

"Take a moment to remember Pearl Harbor with us."

Geez, guys and gals, it's been 73 years - exclaim the Japanese - can't we all just forgive and forget?

Of course, Americans will never forget the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 - apparently it was a day that will live in infamy.

To be more correct - and to really remember Pearl Harbor, perhaps the thing (what is that?! I'm frightened! What are those round things under its bulging eyes?  Is that a tongue? Will they be tasting me when I eat my SpaghettiOs?)  holding the American flag in the photo up above, should be holding a flag that only had 48 stars on it, less Hawaii and Alaska which had yet to join the Union in 1941. I'm just say, that if you want us to remember Pearl Harbor, I remember there were two fewer stars upon the old stars and stripes.

Now SpaghettiOs, to their credit fairly quickly realized the error contained within their tweet, and published the response below:

Hey, fair enough. Everyone makes mistakes - it's just like drunk dialing that woman you like, accidentally sending an e-mail to your boss rather than your friend or taking selfless of your wang and using social media to send it to the ethersphere - Twitter is unforgiving. Once it's sent, it's out there for all to see and to critique (if they want) or to 'favorite' (if they care) or ignore (as more than likely the case with 99.9% of the tweets sent out - twitterati be damned.

Now… while I understand SpaghettiOs patriotism in wanting to pay respect to those who died or were affected by Japan's (not a sneak attack - see HERE) on the American military base of Pearl Harbor - I just don't understand why I should be reminded to do so by a wet noodle. Don't people of Japanese heritage eat your product? 

I don't believe MOST Americans alive today understand that the Pearl Harbor being attacked was a military base the United States placed there to protect the Pacific from just such an attack… OR that Hawaii, where the Pearl Harbor military base is, was not a part of the United States of America proper… back in 1941 it was still just a protectorate of the U.S., with Hawaii having tried to become a U.S. state a few times - but the U.S. didn't know if it really wanted a State that had a majority of non-White citizens… That's the way things USED to be, unfortunately. I'll presume things are a bit better nowadays - not perfect - but better.

BUT… what bothers me the most is the presumptuousness of SpaghettiOs to even ponder that anyone would want to remember or even pay respect to Pearl Harbor WITH SpaghettiOs.

Can't you just pay your respect or remembrances without some canned pasta.
You do know that pasta is supposed to be Italian… you know… Italy, the weak partners of the Japanese in WWII who seemed flip sides depending on which side was winning?

Or, if you want to be more correct, pasta was brought over to Italy by Marco Polo who got it from the Chinese… you know… those evil commies.

Didn't the U.S. have witch hunts in the late 1940s and 50s trying to badger people into admitting they were reds and then blacklisting them?

Remember Pearl Harbor. I know it can be taken two ways… remember it as one might 'recall it'. Americans, however, also have a second meaning: "remember Pearl Harbor (and fight and seek revenge)". The Americans have also adopted a rallying battle cry similar to it years ago: 'Remember the Alamo.'

If I remember the Alamo, and I do because I like to remember history so that I am not doomed to repeat it ... let's see... that was the 1836 Battle of... and not only did everyone inside the Alamo die - including Jim Bowie (I have one of his knives) and Davey Crockett (I had one of his racoon-skin caps!), when Mexico's General Antonio López de Santa Anna (and army) attacked... but wasn't this back when Texas was an independent country know simply as Texas? (I said it twice for an effect of some kind.) It wasn't even American soil back then. Now, sure we can ALL appreciate the bravery and all that stuff of the brave folks who waited some 13 days before being killed, but again... It was Texas... back BEFORE it became the best part of the United Sates (though I am partial to Illinois because I LOVE how they set up Chicago).

By the way, one of my sources tells me that the Texans were actually in an area that belonged to Mexico... so the Mexicans were just trying to eliminate those who had invaded their country.I did not know that... but I suppose that explains why no one came to help them, except more Mexicans.

Anyhow... SpaghettiOs... they used the wrong word or phrase on a tweet that one person saw, forwarded to all his or her friends, and either caused a social media uproar, ruckus, kerfuffle or even a (shudder) hullabaloo or a (gasp) brouhaha.

That's why people got upset… we know that SpaghettiOs wasn't trying to rally the people up against the Japanese for their attack on American soil 73 years ago. (A military base on foreign soil, just like an embassy, is considered 'home' territory.)

By the way, I am unsure if MY title to this blog article is correct. I have no idea if any Japan lovers were upset. I don't really care. I like Chef Boyardee's Mini-Bites, anyhow.  

But, if there's one lesson we can all take from this, is that one need not put all that patriotic duty in the hands of a piece of pasta that looks like an under-cooker Cheerio.

Did anyone else notice that IN that first somewhat offensive tweet sent out by SpaghettiOs, that it actually had (at that time) - 2,259 Favorites? That means they liked the tweet.

Ahhh... Twitter. Some people just don't get you.

Pip-pip cheerio and much ado about nothing,
Andrew Joseph
PS: Does anyone wonder what SpaghettiOs did to celebrate the 50th anniversary of U.S. president John F. Kennedy a few weeks earlier in November of 2013? They already have a mascot with a hole in its head.
What? Too soon? 

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