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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Writer's Write

I don't even know what to write about right now. It's 7PM... and I've got nothing.

Okay... I just came back from checking my e-mail, and I received a nice notification from Sam Baldwin - he's the author of the wonderful Japan experience book, For Fukui's Sake.

I must admit that when I read the book I was soooo jealous of his back to nature experiences that were uniquely his and uniquely Japan's.

So... when I wrote my review of his book (unsolicited, by the way) - if that's what one calls it - I compared my experiences to his and then said I think I would have liked Sam, but we probably wouldn't have hung out to much because I'm probably more like the Japanese that even they care to admit.

Okay, I didn't say that, but I meant to say that.

How am I more Japanese than even the Japanese care to admit?

Well, we both seem to care about the environment and want things to look nice and try not to do too much harm to the Earth... but we both seem to want to pave over nature.

I hate camping. I hate insects, spiders, sleeping on a rock and shivering under a blanket under a mosquito-proof tent that isn't mosquito-proof or even dew-proof.

I dislike drowning worms to catch fish - preferring mine already caught and cooked.

I'd rather prune a bonsai tree that I have bent to a more pleasing shape via copper wires than cut my lawn (though I do do that). The photo up above... that's a real bonsai tree, bent via tree bondage. I had a hand in that. Don't worry, you do it too when you cut the lawn, weed the garden and milk a cow.

I dislike sweating in the humid sun.

I dislike being outside unless there is a reason - like playing sports, which is the ONLY time I think one needs to run and to run hard like there is no tomorrow.

I see no reason to discount generations of human evolution that wants to dismiss everything the cavemen ever wanted - a nice warm house that protected it from the elements and the sabretooth tigers and roving bands of Cro-Magnons or whatever it is they are called today - 'Anatomically Modern Human' (AMH) or 'Early Modern Human' (EMH).

I might be a Renaissance Man because I can discuss Plato and fart jokes in the same sentence, and can play sports, play music (play classical and listen to hard rock) and appreciate all forms of culture and religion and study history of every type, but I don't want to experience history.

I love modern convenience.


I don't dislike anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. My dad seems to like all that stuff. I'm probably envious of you. Probably, but I won't admit it unless I think you are hot.

But I will admit that I enjoyed For Fukui's Sake by Sam Baldwin. While his experiences in Japan were so much different from my own, I realized that was the point of my book review.

To show and to teach that in Japan, everyone's experience not only should be different, but it IS different.

And then it hit me after reading Sam's book.

I want to write a book too.

I suppose I've been building up to it for some time now... that this blog is merely my way of beta-testing it and to discover what it is I should really write about.

Today at lunch, rather than write my blog, I began writing my book, utilizing elements from this blog and help from my friends who helped me have a Wonderful Rife blog that has now lasted longer than my actual time spent in Japan.

It's like MASH, the fabulous television show from 1972-83 about a mobile army surgical hospital in Korea. The show lasted nearly four times as long as the actual Korean War proving that good television is more popular than actually killing one another over some stupid patch of land and political ideologies.

So... at lunch I am writing my book... my way of relaxing as I spend the rest of the day writing for work.

I'll try and get back to normal tomorrow... perhaps another chapter of my time with Noboko who, when last we read, just told me her mom is well aware that Noboko and I are not only friends, but are sleeping together.

Will I be able to play that to my advantage to get her to tell her father? We'll see.

Meanwhile, here's what Sam so kindly wrote to tell me:

Thanks for your review Andrew. I LOLed repeatedly reading it. Sounds like we had very different experiences in Japan but I am jealous of several of yours. Keep on blogging in the free world - Sam Baldwin

I have no idea what the book's title should be. Can I use Andrew's Adventures In Wonderland? Naw, Wonderland appears to be closed for renovation.

I'm going to go watch the movie Unbroken now. By myself.

Andrew Joseph

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