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Thursday, February 26, 2015

China Wants Japan To Be Scared

China wants to make Japan tremble.

It wants to frighten Japan the way Japan frightened China 70+ years ago. Call it shock and awe. Call it bullying. Call it one thermonuclear country posing with an itchy trigger finger on the big red button.

It's the new Big Red Machine sending selfies of itself to a country that has twice felt the heat from a nuclear bomb - the only country ever to submit to that distinction.

It's simple intimidation, because China simply doesn't like Japan.

Truth be told, who could blame them?

Japan owes much of its culture to China, first borrowing from it, and then altering it subtly to make it their own, but no matter what, Japan owes China.

(While Japan did confiscate Buddhism from China who later rejected it, China actually got it first from India, who also mostly rejected it later.)

What Japan actually owes them is a massive apology. Its past treatment of China has played great dividends in the current Communistic direction of the world's largest country by population.

Chinese stamps with a Japanese overprint during Japan's occupation from 1942.
 China, by flexing its muscles in the general direction of Japan, shows its own people how strong they themselves are, earning a lifting of Chinese nationalistic pride.

China also sees itself as one of the protectors of the postwar (WW2) global order (western nations are saying "WTF??!!), with China liking to point out Japan's attempts to change their American-made Constitution, to create its own air-force and armed forces for more than mere self-defence, such as to attack. China likes to promote that fact: "it happened before, it could happen again. Japan wants to become more aggressive and take over Asia again."

That's pretty much what China's The People's Daily newspaper would have everyone believe. Why not, that newspaper is the Chinese Communist Party's official propaganda distributor. That's not a criticism, by the way - merely an acknowledgement of fact.

The year 2015 is the 70th anniversary of the ending of one of the deadliest wars ever, with Imperial Japan dominating and subjugating the peoples of most Asian countries, Nazi Germany doing the same in Europe, and whatever the hell Fascist Italy was going to do in Africa.

To mark the anniversary, China wants to celebrate.

China is planning a military parade in Beijing... a Victory Over Japan Day... and since it's China... you know they don't do anything for public consumption unless it is done with all the pomp and glory they can muster.

Man... you'd think that China would have gotten over that whole 'Japan-took-over-China' thing by now, eh?

No official date has been set, but it is expected to be around September 3, 2015.

Now... here's the thing... that is just what propaganda machine The People's Daily is saying - how much truth can we take from that if they are the official mouth of Chinese communism? Plenty or nothing. Propaganda is designed to appear that way.

In the past, China has celebrated the founding of its communist roots on October 1, 1949... first celebrating with a break from the cultural revolution in 1984 with a 35th anniversary communist parrrrr-tayyyyyyy.

China celebrated with a big founder's day parade again in 1999 (the 50th anniversary), in 2009 (the 60th anniversary)... and now in 2015, the 66th anniversary?

Nope... That's not a particularly poignant date. 2019, perhaps... the 70th... or maybe wait until 2024 for the 75th anniversary...

But China is setting up a big celebratory day in 2015. China says that is just plans to celebrate it's founding date, but no one is really buying that.

The year 2015... 75 years after Japan was forced to surrender to end World War 2? Yes... I can see China wanting to celebrate that. And, for the first time ever, China wants to invite foreign leaders... a tricky situation for any western country wanting to curry favor from Japan and its allies, or to maintain inexpensive manufacturing rights in China...

This is where China and Japan can see who their real friends are.

I mean a celebration to honor 75 years of Japan's greatest failure? Whew. Japan probably won't spend much time on this particular achievement.

Circa 1937 Punch-Magazine, the image can be reversed in 2015. Image from
Make Japan tremble.

It sure sounds threatening, but even if that's what China wants to do, there are no public discussions of how it really plans to make Japan tremble. "We're having a communist party and you aren't invited."

Maybe China should invite Japan to the event just to have them look bad having to not RSVP in time.
I loooooooove a parade!

And so do all the leaders of countries that use them to show off their military might to its own population and to its enemies.

That's why the timing of this 2015 parade in China bears closer scrutiny. China's leaders want to show off their own leadership powers, and are using Japan as a means to its end.

Of course, it's not just Japan that has a bit of concern, as its dispute with China also stems from control over some rocky island outcrop that Japan owns, but China says belongs to it.

China, of course wants the island top revert to its ownership because it would then move China's borders closer to Japan and thus closer to American bases IN Japan.

Other countries that also have South Sea island disputes with China include Vietnam, The Philippines, while Taiwan needs to be wary of China's sabre rattling as it has elections coming up in 2016.

Anyhow, if China is going to have a parade, just make sure you put the horses and the elephants at the end, or if you are Japan, maybe you should put the critters in to lead the parade.

Somewhere fighting for my write (sic) to party,
Andrew Joseph

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