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Friday, February 27, 2015

Fukushima Plant Operators - The Silent Killers

Enough with the secrecy!

TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power COmpany), the owners of the Fukushima-ken Dai-ichi nuclear reactor facility that nearly went ka-blooie in 2011, has JUST admitted that highly toxic water has once again leaked into the ocean.

Wonderful, except that it knew the possibility of it happening was revealed to it back in May 2014 - nine months ago - but failed to do anything to take measures to rectify it.

Perhaps they wanted to wait that length of time to see if anything cool could be birthed from the mishap - like a for real Godzilla or less exciting, a real-life Gamara.

Here's what happened:

Rainwater accumulated on the rooftop of the Dai-ichi No. 2 reactor and became contaminated with such horrible elements as radioactive cesium and beta-ray emitting strontium.

This now contaminated rainwater would then do what water usually does on a roof (in my place it would leak inside), and flowed through a gutter system and exited out into the nearby ocean.

"I'm appalled that breaches in safety protocol continue to happen at this TEPCO-operated facility," exclaims Ishikawa Steve, a very talkative three-eyed fish with breathing problems.

Gasp! A Three-eyed Wolf Fish - this one speaks Spanish and was found in Argentina in a reservoir near a nuclear facility. Apparently. Now they can really look up your skirt. 
According to TEPCO, who has been monitoring the situation rather than doing anything about it, there were no changes observed (so far) in the ocean waters opposite the nuclear facility.

I'm sure we have no reason to disbelieve that.

Can anyone tell me why someone hasn't just stepped in and taken the whole effing business away from them? It's obvious that TEPCO has no real interest or knowledge in operating a nuclear power plant.

Anyhow, to solve the problem of rainwater becoming radioactive and then falling 'harmlessly' down the roof drainage system into the waters or ground near the nuclear facility, TEPCO says it will, amongst other measures, place sandbags containing materials that can absorb cesium… somewhere… to prevent further contamination.

Wow… TEPCO is talking about sandbagging?! Really? How ironic.

In another related, but completely separate incident, TEPCO acknowledged that some highly contaminated water did recently run through another drainage system (different from the roof one listed above), but says it only leaked into a nearby bay.

Now, TEPCO says that there's nothing to worry about—good news Steve!—none of this water that leaked into the bay actually made it out to the ocean.

Despite knowing of this, TEPCO say it does not know where the water leakage originated from nor how much contaminated water there was. It makes me wonder just how long it was leaking?

TEPCO… geezus…
Andrew Joseph

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