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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Noboko And Andrew: Two Can be As Bad As One

That Sunday after the dinner at Noboko's parent's house was perhaps the strangest day I ever spent in Japan.

Not only did I never leave my apartment, I was filled with complete anxiety. Her dad wouldn't have done anything stupid, would he after finding out she and I were a couple?

I'm sure she was okay, but did he forbid her from seeing me?

Did she tell him that her she loved me and I her?

Did she tell him that I would stay in Japan and find independent teaching work for her?

Did he care?

Did she fight for us?

Did she meekly capitulate? 

Should I call?

I'm worried. About her, me, us, and myself... am I staying in Japan or is this it?

After nearly three years in Japan, entering the country as a naive virgin and having countless adventures, earning numerous friendships, gaining plenty of friends with benefits, battling a few serious girlfriends, and winning one Noboko—this was my loneliest day.

Every single thing appears to be completely out of my hands.

I am at the whim of everyone and everything else.

I don't recall doing a single thing... I think I just stared at the television that was off. Maybe getting up to grab a Coke and to go to the washroom... maybe... I'm not sure... everything was in a whirl.

It was probably the first day in Japan where I didn't learn anything new... or maybe I did. 

I only have three more weeks left on my JET Programme contract with the Ohtawara Board of Education.

I feel like I have absolutely zero control over my life right now.

Andrew Joseph
The headline today is a line from the song: "One (is The Loneliest Number)"by Three Dog Night.

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