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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Star Wars: That's Cold, Darth

Okay... I admit to either being lazy or being busy or being both.

Submitted for your viewing pleasure are a pair of snow sculpture photos that Julien sent me a few days ago.

He's a nerd like me.

Or is it a geek?

Which one has more money? The opposite of that... that's what we are.

Up in Sapporo, Japan, this past week, a bunch of snow sculptors constructed this massive mountain of Sith evil.

It's bloody amazing.

And no... that is not Yoda in there... it's Darth Vader's personal TIE (Twin Ion Engine) fighter known as the TIE Advanced x1. There... proved my point.

I am unsure what Japan's fascination is with Star Wars... I mean, I like it, but you don't see me doing the whole fan thing. I mean, sure... I have the first four series of Star Wars Collectors cards from the 1970s and 1980s. Yeah, I have unopened boxes of Star Wars action figures and vehicles and sets. yes, I have sent away for special edition figures such as a ghost Obi Wan Kenobi, a Han in Storm Trooper suit (the helmet comes off, so that's how you can tell it's him) and multiple band members from the cantina that I picked while a member of the Star Wars fan magazine... and sure I have a special edition Luke Skywalker in his dark robes that was ONLY given out during the opening night at the movie theater of the re-release of the 'adjusted' movies. I might even have a special baseball with some Star Wars imagery on it... but I'm not a fanatic.

It's true that I also have comic books, a first edition hardcover of Star Wars released long before the movie, have thee soundtrack to the movie, and maybe even stuck the included poster up on my wall... BUT...

I actually waited one whole year after it was first released before seeing it, getting thee gist of it from the six-issues of the comic book. As well, while my son does have a few Star Wars LEGO sets, I never purchased one for myself. I have also never worn a Star Wars-related T-shirt, but I admit to taking a hankering for Cinnamon rolls after seeing Princess Leia.

But, the biggest reason I know I am not a fanatic regarding Star Wars, is that I have never built a Star Wars snow sculpture nor have I gone out to see one.

Yup... the sculptors are artists, and perhaps fans... the people who see it - fanatics.

Whatever. It's pretty cool stuff. Way to go, Sapporo.

Somewhere wondering why I never got a Star Wars-related XL T-shirt,
Andrew Joseph

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