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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Accidental Office Lady - Book Review

I recently finished reading a book by Laura Kriska called The Accidental Office Lady.

Published by the good folks at Tuttle Publishing, it details the Japan experience of a young redheaded American woman who was born in Japan, grew up in the U.S., but goes back to Japan to work for the Honda automobile manufacturer.

The book starts off with a rather condescending note from the author about Americans and the way they treat Japan. I know plenty of Americans, who treated Japan just fine.

It put me on edge and made the first 10 pages of the book difficult to consume, but it got better and better and better.

The book grew as Laura herself grew while in Japan.

At the beginning, Laura seems to question everything about the way Japan is run--and I don't have a problem with questioning things.

The problem I had was how she reacted to Japan reacting to her initial questioning of things and why they would rebuff her for daring to question the way Japan runs. She cried.

Crying? Really? Way to set back equality amongst the sexes.

Harsh I know, but I really hated her reaction to Japan not immediately bowing to her every demand for change.

Throughout the book, she continued to challenge Japanese authority--then I applauded her because rather than merely challenging for the sake of challenging for her OWN situation, she began to challenge Japan for the sake of others. The main case was for women's rights of equality of dress at Honda.


I began cheering for Laura with every challenge she then undertook, culminating with... wel... you read it and find out for yourself.

Laura Kriska's The Accidental Office Lady is an exciting tale of personal growth--learning which battles to take on to win and which to pass on as unwinnable.--as well as growth withing an international company, which could (one day, perhaps) inspire the rest of Japan.

The Accidental Office Lady, published by Tuttle Publishing is a quiet read, but a damn amazing story.

Hunh... look at that... I did a real book review without resorting to tricks. While shorter in length, I didn't have as much fun writing it. Hmm... what to do next time?

Anyhow... thanks for the loan of the book, Vince!

Andrew Joseph

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