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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Three Coca-Cola Products Now Billion $ Brands

The Coca-Cola Company has announced the addition of three brands to its growing roster of beverages that generate annual retail sales of more than $1 billion, bringing to 20 the number of billion-dollar brands in the company’s portfolio.

Brands from the fast-growing ready-to-drink tea and water categories are the latest additions to the company’s billion-dollar club in 2014, are:
  • Gold Peak tea, also available in the United States;
  • FUZE ICED TEA, sold in nearly 40 countries, and;
  • I LOHAS mineral water, sold in Japan.
"We are taking definitive steps to capture the enormous growth opportunities available to us in the global non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverage industry," says The Coca-Cola Company chairman and chief executive officer Muhtar Kent. "Through a strong global focus on building locally relevant and innovative brands, our Company, together with a network of strong local bottling partners, has worked to successfully double the size of our billion-dollar brand portfolio in less than a decade."

Ayataka Green Tea
Gold Peak and FUZE ICED TEA join another Japanese billion-dollar green tea brand, Ayataka, as the company’s largest brands in the global ready-to-drink tea category, each of which has been launched since 2006.

Ayataka green tea is brewed using carefully selected tea leaves, calorie-free. The unique blend of natural ingredients in Ayataka creates the distinct cloudiness that is characteristic of authentic Japanese teapot-brewed tea. By gently swirling the bottle before drinking, consumers can see the cloudiness and enjoy the experience of drinking traditional green tea on-the-go. It was introduced in 2007 and reached billion-dollar status in 2012.

The success of these brands has propelled the company’s tea portfolio to substantially outpace the growth of the category globally over the past two years, while gaining market share on both a volume and value basis.
Gold Peak Tea
Gold Peak, a premium tea brand developed by the company, debuted in 2006 and has been growing double digits since its launch.

In 2014, the company launched an integrated marketing campaign for Gold Peak that included national television, print, outdoor and digital and social media advertising.

It is one of the fastest-growing national iced tea brands and drove nearly 30 per cent of all dollar growth in the ready-to-drink tea category last year.

Gold Peak is sold in multiple varieties, including Sweet Tea (pictured above), Lemonade Tea, Unsweetened Tea, Diet Tea, Raspberry Flavored Tea and Green Tea.

FUZE ICED TEA launched in 2012 in 14 international markets simultaneously, and since its introduction, the brand has expanded availability to nearly 40 markets around the world, reaching billion-dollar status in less than three years on the market.

The FUZE ICED TEA line-up currently features more than 30 varieties, including Black Tea with Lemon, Black Tea with Peach, Black Tea with Lemongrass and Apple, Green Tea with Mango and Chamomile, and zero-calorie Light Tea.

FUZE ICED TEA will be launched in additional markets in 2015.

I LOHAS mineral water
Coca-Cola Japan launched the water brand I LOHAS in 2009. Since its launch, it has become the No. 1 immediate consumption natural mineral water brand sold in Japan. The water comes from multiple local sources and flavor extracts are obtained from the best sources to ensure highest quality and taste. A unique design feature of the packaging allows a person, once the product is consumed, to easily twist the PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle into a very slender form to minimize its size and facilitate recycling.

The company has taken recent steps to significantly grow I LOHAS with the introduction of a new line of single-serve 515-ml I LOHAS sparkling beverages in plain and lemon flavors as well as a new larger 1,555-ml package in the convenience store channel.

Let me step away from the pres release that I rewrote, and add my own thoughts:

I LOHAS? WTF??!!  This was introduced by Coca-Cola Japan... so what's with the name that Japanese people can NOT pronounce?!

In the Japanese alphabet, there is no letter "L", which is why the Japanese can't pronounce words containing an "L" properly - unless they try very, very, very, very hard. Granted I know a few people who could, but I also plenty of others who couldn't come close.

To combat the lack of an "L" in the Japanese alphabets (all three of them), the Japanese substitute the letter "L" for an "R".

This is why when a Japanese person calls for "Rory", they actually meany "Laurie". You don't ever want to hear them pronounce "Lincoln" or "Chevrolet".

My comments are not meant to be an indictment on the Japanese, not to appear racist... I am merely pointing out a flaw in the naming of a product for Japanese consumers to pronounce.

Now... maybe I'm just stupid, but apparently LOHAS is an acronym, meaning that each letter of the word, in this case LOHAS, actually spells out a larger word: Lifestyles Of Health And Sustainability.

Yes, apparently this is a thing.

So, when the Japanese brand says I LOHAS, it means they are into the whole health and sustainability lifestyle. I can dig it... that's fine... I'm just not sure that it deserves an acronym for it, but what the hell... I'm sure people thought that about others acronyms as Radar, Laser, NASA and Scuba, to name a few. UFO and FBI do not count as acronyms, because you are saying each letter. LOL.

So... do a lot of Japanese people know what LOHAS means? Maybe.

Do a lot of Japanese people have thee ability to pronounce the acronym or the Coca-Cola product brand name? Sure... just not properly.

Whatever... Japan seems to have a fondness for products it can't pronounce properly, so who the hell am I to make fun of it.

By the way, it's why I chose the blog title. That and it's similar to one of my all-time favorite movies. Andrew Does Japan doesn't have the same ring.

Andrew Joseph

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